About Tori Black

Among the diversity of the members of the free one night stand sex dating sites that are free, webcam models and porn actresses there are those whose personality intrigues to the maximum extent. It is mainly because of their charisma and idea talent to bring titillation to their viewers. In addition, it is not just the matter of the image they have but their ability to work with the uttermost devotion. So, here HookupGeek is going to consider Tori Black and her skills and talents. Interested? Keep on staying with us to discover even more!

As you may know already, HookupGeek has nothing impossible to do even if the biographies of particular actresses are quite secret and there are not many facts about them on the web. In any case HookupGeek is always successful when it comes to detection of the most hidden facts about those hot webcam models and porn actresses. So, if you have always fancied to find out more and more about your favorite hot actresses, you can always count for the services by HookupGeek! Yeah, we can find out everything about all live webcam sites’ models! Catch up to us to be aware of all the details of the adult industry!

Our today’s webcam model to discuss is Tori Black, a well-known and perfectly skilled actress of porn movies and webcam of the most famous sexy cams sites! So, be sure to welcome her since she is a real legend in the world of the adult hot industry! So, we will start off the quick facts about this horny cutie!

  • The real name of Tori Black is Michelle Chapman. However, she has never acted up using her real name, since she prefers to be an actress of the nickname chosen;
  • The date of birth of live webcam sites’ model Tori Black is another fact, which is known all over the web. So, Tori was born on August 26, 1988;
  • Tori Black’s star sign is, as it is evident, Virgo, and this cutie’s age is 30 years, Nevertheless, no one would ever think she is already thirty, since Tori Black looks like a very young lady;
  • HookupGeek has found out that the place of birth of Tori Black is Seattle, USA;
  • As for the height of the famous live webcam sites’ model, it is 175 cm;
  • Regardless of the fact that Tori Black is a mother to her son, her relationship status is still officially single.

Unfortunately, the biography of Tori Black is full of white spots because the porn star does not really like when the strangers try to penetrate her personal life. So, there are many facts no one can have you informed on, even… HookupGeek. However, these facts are not that important and interesting. In any case, it is not known where her mom and dad worked and how their daughter, Tori Black, was raised. The only thing which goes as no secret that Tori Black’s parents still live close to rainy Seattle city.

What has HookupGeek found out about Tori Black? Please mind that these facts are exclusive! So,

  • Tori Black grew up as an energetic child;
  • Tori Black was fond of dancing, and also played football with the boys outside the house;
  • the future star of the live webcam sites had problems with communicating with girls. So, her friendship with the other girls did not go well;
  • In addition, the future actress is addicted to the men’s sport: having her free time from school, the further live webcam sites’ model Tori Black honed strikes on the punching bag.

This insanely passionate and sexy lady has been performing since 2007, and her work is very worthy and popular in the field of erotica mainly due to the work of the numerous live webcam sites. Tori Black has repeatedly won Oscar for porn shows and movies in various fields, including being called the best performer in 2010 and 2011, and this is in addition to a huge number of other awards.

So, what else we can know about Tori Black?

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  • Tori studied journalism in Western University in Washington, DC, and studied sociology.
  • When she was 18 years old, she tried to get a job as a go-go dancer in one of the nightclubs, but she wasn’t taken, and
  • later she found an advertisement for one of the Florida porn agencies. She turned there, and they employed her, and a week later she was in Florida;
  • Tori Black became very famous after appearing in Penthouse magazine as the girl of the month of December 2008;
  • In 2011, Tori announced that she had a boy on her official website;
  • In 2012, she and her fiancé were arrested for family violence after a fight in a Las Vegas hotel, but everything worked out, and Tori Black explained this by saying that it was the result of intoxication after party in a nightclub;
  • The following year, 2013, Tori Black had a second child.

She deservedly occupies one of the top lines in various charts of erotic actresses. During her career, the Tori Black has shown herself in about four hundred xxx videos and movies as of 2015, and she plans to further develop and improve in this business, to conquer all the new heights especially on the live webcam sites. She has become famous for both very harsh, or hardcore, films and very gentle ones, showing her unrivaled versatility and insane passion. Her works are simply required to view by all the fans of porn.

Tori Black has always been one of the most famous porn actresses. Her achievements are quite convincing!

  • Tori started working in the porn industry in 2007, and she has already received well-deserved recognition;
  • Over the 12 years of her career, she has been starred in more than 400 films, both in porn and in normal ones;
  • Tori Black’s photos appeared in the most famous magazines, such as Loaded Magazine as “the most beautiful actress”, in the magazine Complex as one of the top 100 hottest porn stars of modern times and in Penthouse as one of the most famous actresses in the porn industry;
  • In 2008, she became the girl of the month of Penthouse magazine
  • Tori Black won many awards, the most important of which is the AVN Best Performer of the Year award, which she won twice and XRCO awards for the best performance in 2010 and 2011, as well as “Penthouse Pet of the Month” for December 2008;
  • In September of 2009, Tori was Twisty’s girl of the month and was nominated by the famous AVN company for the honorary title of the best new actress of 2009;
  • In 2010, Tori Black was named one of the top 12 female porn stars in the opinion of Maxim magazine and one of the most famous porn stars according to CNBC in 2011;
  • Tori Black has been the first porn actress in history to win two awards for “Best Actress of the Year,” according to AVN, as well as being in a row in 2010 and in 2011;
  • During this period of her life, Tori Black launched her blog called “Real Tori Black”; and currently everyone can contact her via the social networks because she leads a rather frank Tori Black Instagram, where she regularly uploads nude photos;
  • She regularly performed in her monthly fan show on her personal website and often performed for fans from New Jersey and Miami on her Exxxotica life show.

What has HookupGeek found out about Tori Black’s personal life? Are there any interesting facts about her?

  • First off, there is just little is known about the personal life of Tori Black;
  • Tori Black prefers not to advertise her family matters and communicates nothing about her family members;
  • In the fall of 2011, as it was mentioned, it became known that the adult movie star and live webcam sites model gave birth to a boy, and in the winter of 2013, she announced on her official website that she was expecting another child. However, she did not get married at all, so no name of Tori Black husband can be announced for now.

These are actually all the facts we could find out about this cutie and her private life. However, we are going to follow all the career of Tori Black in order to discover more and more about this legend!

Interesting Facts

HookupGeek is going to narrate more about Tori Black in order to let you know more and more and in order to appreciate the Tori Black sex videos each time when you watch her or peep on her by using the live webcam sites. So, the most interesting facts about this cutie are comprised of the following data, namely,

  • Tori Black is the first porn star to receive 2 awards from the AVN performer of the year. Neither porn actress has been honored to have such an opportunity!
  • Tori Black  has a tattoo, the design of which she invented herself. It is an asterisk and five rings on the lower right side of the abdomen;
  • Tori Black likes the video games and air hockey;
  • Tori Black is an ardent fighter for the rights of women and especially their right to be in the adult industry;
  • Tori Black claims that the tattoo she had were important to her since they bring some sacral meaning.

There are some more interesting facts about this cutie! For instance,

  • In one of her interviews, the actress admitted that she first kissed when she was only 5 years old, and, what is funny, at that time, she was sure that she would marry the boy and give birth to children. However, it is known that no husband she is married to now;
  • The first sexual experience of Tori Black took place in late school years. This information is known exclusively to HookupGeek. There is even the whole story of how it happened. That day, her parents left the house somewhere, and the girl decided to invite her former lover to visit. In the end, Tori Black was the initiator of the loss of virginity, but it is recognized that the story was disappointing.

It would interesting to take a look at the reasons of why this porn actress decided to start being engaged in this industry. So, why Tori Black began acting up in porn is quite difficult to judge and clearly understand. One can only assume that the actress did not initially think of a career in adult film seriously or on the live webcam sites. The girl thought that playing in the explicit movies can be fun. In addition, Tori Black said that in college she had had countless partners, among whom were both boys and girls. After receiving the certificate of maturity, the girl wanted to continue her studies at the university.

Being an extremely famous and talented, Tori Black does not hide the fact that the Chapman family which she originates from was not rich because she had to earn money for education by her own labor (as we mentioned, she studied at the journalism department at the University of Western Washington). When Tori Black was 18 years old, she went on vacation to the picturesque Florida state. Parents advised their beloved daughter to find work in order to pay for the student dormitory, so the beauty went to nightclubs as a go-go dancer. Truth to be told, she was not allowed into this position, because the girl had not been 21 years old, yet.

The chief director, with whom Tori Black collaborated in Florida, was surprised by the beauty of the girl and prophesied her a bright future. Therefore, the man advised Chapman to leave the sunny state of Florida and move to California, to the city of Los Angeles, to be more precise. Without even thinking twice, the future porn actress listened to the advice of a professional and packed a suitcase with old things that remained from her studying in college. The decision to move was made by the girl with extreme ease. The fact is that for filming in Florida, actresses of this genre were paid very little. So, she had nothing to doubt about. Courageous, right? We do think the same, as well!

What about the interesting facts about the camming process which Tori Black is engaged in? So, see what we have found out about this aspect,

  • Tori Black prefers to act in the hardcore genre, but there are things that she never accepts during the shooting process;
  • In spite of the fact that the girl said that she had not approve of the humiliation towards herself and her colleagues, she is often found in BDSM videos; however, in this case, Tori Black refers this genre to as art, so she does not propagate any violation;
  • Tori Black also admitted that she tried some specific things out for the first time in front of the director’s camera;
  • Among other things, it is known for HookupGeek that the porn star has no contract with a particular studio, but the actress is employed;
  • In 2015, the actress appeared in a horror film Los Angeles Slasher, telling a cutthroat killer who “removes” glamorous TV stars in order to find out whether the world will become just a little bit better without television falsehood.

It is now even more evident that the talents of the girl are numerous and cover different genres. Isn’t it marvelous? Right, it is!

In any case, it would be much logical to move to the rewards which Tori Black has won in the course of her professional growth and career. Believe us, these are too numerous, and we have decided to single out only the main ones, which served as a turning point for the career of this cutie! So, which awards did she gain?

  • In 2008, Tori Black gained a very reputable CAVR award in the nomination for “The Hottest Girl of the Year”, and it was a nice start for the future career;
  • In 2009, Tori Black has obtained the XCRO’s “dream girl” award. However, it was not the only award of that year. Because of the growing popularity of the actress and model, she was also honorable and eligible for the CAVR’s “Performer of the Year” award and the F.A.M.E’s “The Best Performer”;
  • In 2010, Tori Black obtain her first AVN award in nomination of the “Best sex with a girl”. The same year, she also was eligible for the AVN’s award in nomination for the “Best scene with three girls” as well as the AVN award in nomination for the “Best Strip Scene”;
  • The year of 2010 was extremely successful, and Tori Black had got the AVN Award in the nomination of the “Best Scene Three”, the AVN’s Award in the nomination of the “Best Performer of the Year”; XRCO in the nomination of the award “Best Performer of the Year”; in the nomination of the F.A.M.E.’s “Favorite female porn star”; and CAVR’s award in the nomination of the “Star of the Year”;
  • In 2011, Tori Black won the AVN award in the nomination of the “Best Oral Scene”; the AVN award in the nomination of the “Best Scene from One person”; the AVN Award in the nomination of the “Best Scene Shot by a Foreign Company”; the AVN award in the nomination of the “Performer of the Year”; the XBIZ award in the nomination of the “Personal site of porn star of the year”; XRCO’s “Artist of the Year” award;
  • In 2012, the famous porn actress and webcam model got her first NightMoves award in the nomination of the “Best Social Media Star” (the version of the choice of editors).

Well, here you can see that the talents of the actress are too numerous, and they have always been reputably honored, so this is why she gained this perfect fame and popularity. Therefore, when watching the performances by this hot cutie, you can expect the best!

Finally, our readers are expected to pay attention to the following facts, as well, about Tori Black. So, Tori Black is a true legend of the porn industry, given that she has more than 10 awards from AVN, you can call her a super star and you can’t go wrong! Her perfect body and amazing sexuality allowed her to make her name in such a short period and now she is one of the most famous porn stars!

Why Is She So Unique and Special?

It goes without any saying that Tori Black is one of the most popular contemporary American actresses in adult films. By the way, this is one of those movie stars who support their cinema in social networks. On her Instagram page, the actress mainly uploads photos of erotic content than pleases a million subscribers. Also, Tori Black Twitter page contains some ideas on how to popularize the movie industry and especially the adult content videos, as those are art as well! So, if you’re fond of Tori Black naked shows, be sure to follow this girl elsewhere in order to be aware of her nearest events and cam shows.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, HookupGeek is quite impressed by the talents of Tori Black, and we believe that very soon we will provide you with even more details. In any case, we have a strong conviction that Tori Black would definitely surprise everyone who is fond of watching quality adult movies. What is more, in the view of the great diversity of the live webcam sites’ models, HookupGeek is going to marvel you with the newer articles on the most popular and favorite girls. So, you may always feel free to contact HookupGeek in order to ask to write about a particular star of the live webcam sites or porn actresses. Remember, we’re always here to assist you not only with adult dating sites but also to let you know more and more about the cuties you are possibly mad about! So, stay with us and get the newer ways to get extra satisfaction!