About TransgenderDate

It goes without saying that the websites for hooking up are to be diverse, as they’re called to ensure the most alluring expectations and desires of the users, right? And, yes, they can serve not only for how to have a one night stand with a girl! In other words, literally each adult dating site is to be as deliberate as possible to ensure the most frivolous activities! You know why we’re telling this stuff now? Yep, we find the specifics of TransgenderDate to be like that.

Yeah, HookupGeek has never reviewed any similar dating app but we touched upon this field in some of the dating sites that support this kind of sexual activity. The number of such platforms is big, and it includes SCRUFF, Adam4Adam, CollarSpace, and Positive Singles. Yep, these are mainly gay hookup sites but there are some webcam sites like CamFuze, CamSoda, and ChaturBate, which support the same format of sexual preferences.

What Is TransgenderDate?

TransgenderDate is a perfect location for dating and hooking up the transgender and transexual persons. So, you’d never be able to date the straight persons, which means that you can count for the most piquant experiences ever!

Let’s briefly consider the functionality of TransgenderDate. These are the following tools you get at your disposal after the registration,

  • Search (quick search, advanced search, user lookup, online today, recently updated, members nearby, new members, new pictures);
  • Profile (account, edit profile, manage photos, upload a video, photo comments, profile comments, verify profile);
  • Friends;
  • Blogs (both your own ones and the ones of the other users);
  • Chats to be available in the paid mode only (chat room access, attach images to emails, no advertising, access to instant messenger, control friend requests, control blog comments, no profiles on your ad, see when mails are read);
  • Forums (concerning the topics like Transgenderdate Support, General Discussion, Transgender Dating.com Articles, Dating Tips and Suggestions, Relationship Corner and so on);
  • Messages.


So, the functionality of the dating platform is diverse and would surely contribute to the most exquisite pastimes of yours in search of the like-minded persons!

To be sure that the website is legal, we have come through the legal data connected to it. This is what HookupGeek has discovered for your convenience,

  • the site’s geo location is US (United States), AZ, Arizona, 85260 Scottsdale;
  • being created in 2007, it was updated in 2019;
  • the date of the registry expiry is 2020;
  • the companies registered the site are Oneandone Private Registration and 1&1 IONOS SE on behalf of 1&1 Internet Inc.;
  • the address of the site registration is 701 Lee Road Suite 300, ATTN, Chesterbrook, PA, 19087, US;
  • the phone number of the site administration is +1-877-206-4254;
  • the billing company’s address is Sky, LLC 6130 West Flamingo Rd. #101 Las Vegas, NV 89103;
  • the billing company’s address is 1-702-625-7670.

As it is really evident, the company’s registered professionally, and it means that everything is legal. Yep, this is another advantage!

Registration Process

To get in, you’ll need to fill out the special form, which consists of,

  • your gender indication (man, woman, man (trans), woman (trans), non-binary, androgynous, crossdresser, intersexed male or intersexed female);
  • who you are looking for;
  • your username (you have to make it up on your own);
  • your valid email address;
  • your zip code;
  • your password; and
  • date of birth.

As soon as you have these data inserted, you’ve signed up, and you can pick up either a free Transgender Date  mode of using the service or the paid one. As usual, the choice is up to you!


To start the interaction on TransgenderDate site, you don’t even to do much. In fact, the interaction is the easy and resembles some traditional dating sites like WellHello or sites similar to FuckBook.


So, the following steps are to be taken to start dating and hooking up,

  • enable the search (pick up one of the types of search you’d be interested in);
  • view the profiles and drop messages;
  • you can also manage the messages and other interaction activities by using the buttons like Inbox, Quick Matches, Notifications, Manage Photos, Viewed Me, Favorites, My Profile, Manage Blog, Friend Status, and Mail Settings;
  • you can pick up the users out of the list of the suggestions.

So, there will be no difficulty in getting the most passionate and adorable hookups and the most romantic dates to remember!


As we already mentioned, there are two types of membership. The first is the free one, which you obtain right after the registration with TransgenderDate, and the second one is the paid membership, which you get right after you upgrade your account.

Let’s see what the pricing is like with the dating site,

  • 1 week of membership is $4.95;
  • 1 month would cost you $14.95; and
  • 1 year of limitless membership is just $79.95.


We can really claim that the tariffs for the unlimited membership are awesome, as they are even lower than the ones on the most famous affordable dating platforms like Blendr or HER.

There are some particularities to know about the billing procedure, and we’re ready to single them out,

  • the billing month means 30 days;
  • the payment options are bank card or PayPal (so, this is one more option to be added to the dating sites accepting PayPal);
  • the bank cards are accepted if they’re either VISA or MasterCard and no matter if they are debit, credit, or pre-paid ones.

Because of the fact that the service ensures various payment options, we believe that it is credible, as when you pay with your PayPal wallet you have 14 days for the money refund. Cool, right?

Pros And Cons

Are there any other benefits of using the site? We bet, the answer is positive! Just check it out,

  • the database of the site is big if the specifics is considered;
  • the diversity of the interactive tools is ok, so you’d have your chances to succeed doubled;
  • the support team works efficiently and swiftly;
  • the security of the payments is ensured by iSky, LLC and PayPal;
  • access to the psychological support;
  • there are no evident errors, and the site doesn’t lag.

In general, we’re happy to review this service, as it is really built for the users’ convenience.

Let’s briefly consider the shortcomings you may encounter,

  • the diversity of the free mode tools is much limited;
  • the number of the persons going online could’ve been higher.

Yeah, that’s obvious that the advantages of the hookup service are prevailing, and it cannot but make us joyful!

Now on, let’s briefly touch upon the quality of tools and profiles to get if we can refer them to either pros or cons.

Quality Of Profiles

Whenever we tried to get in touch with the owners of the profiles (no matter which gender identification they follow), we found out that,

  • they’re extremely filled out;
  • there are numerous sections to fill in to attract as many users as possible;
  • the data about the users consider not only some general stuff like age, gender, job, and habits but also the sexual preferences, photos, personal views, and questions and answers).

It means that whenever you visit someone’s profile, you’ll see not only a photo and a couple of words about a person but also some additional information. We believe that such approach is really suitable and advances you to the best chances in dating and hooking up!

Quality Of Tools

We’ve partially touched upon the essence of the tools you get at your disposal with TransgenderDate. In this section, we’d just sum it all up shortly to be clear and not to leave any understatements,

  • the tools are really effective, since their function is not only shaped by dating opportunities but also by the psychological assistance;
  • it would be great if more functions were for free;
  • the diversity of the search options is magnificent;
  • the profiles are easily filled out but still contain much information;
  • the process of billing is secure and doesn’t take much time;
  • the registration process is easy.

Hence, yes, the tools are another tasty advantage of the platform, and we believe you’ll love them, as well!


When it comes to the LGBTQ+ and transgender issues, it is always paramount to remember that security is one of the aspects that really matter! This is why the platforms like TransgenderDate are to be equipped with the utter methods of protecting the users. Let’s see if it so,

  • the terms of use ensure that no personal data would ever be disclosed to any third parties from the part of the site administration (this is what precisely stated in the terms of use, “The information will not be disclosed knowingly or willfully to any third party without your authorization as described in detail in the Transgenderdate.com Privacy Policy, except as may otherwise be permissible by this Agreement and required by the Services offered by Transgenderdate.com.”);
  • after you delete your profile all of your personal information will also be removed;
  • you can always suggest your claims to the site administration via the support team;
  • be sure not to disclose your personal data to the third parties;
  • the site is protected by secure server software (SSL);
  • the site does not cooperate with and does not function in “Libya, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Syria, or any other Country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods”.

The security of TransgenderDate is great, as it stands for the overall protection of the users. Great! Do try it out, and leave your comments!

How To Delete Profile

In case if you are eager to quit your membership, you can follow two essential options,

  • you can either deactivate your profile, which would let you have a chance to restore your account, and your VIP status will be preserved, as well;
  • you can cancel your membership but it will be forever.

In order to pick up any of the two options, you’d need to

  • visit My Transgender Date profile tab in the upper toolbar;
  • pick up either deactivation or cancellation of your profile;
  • confirm your action.

After one of these options confirmed, you’ll receive an email to the inbox of yours. So, the procedure is very easy and doesn’t require any complicated steps.

Final Thoughts

After we signed up and tried the site out, we can now state that Transgender-Date is indeed one of the most tolerant, secure, efficient and awesome dating services you could only imagine. Being in search of the transgender hookup experiences, you could encounter different problems. Now you can say no to them, and now you can really participate in the project wherein you will be yourself.

The TransgenderDate site for hookup is really the location to visit not only if you’re seeking the trans persons. You can also find some same-sex hookup opportunities, as well. Yes, there are no limits at all. Therefore, if you are all open to the most alluring and frivolous adult practices in your life, you will be as happy as it is only possible, since you’ll get them with Transgender Date! …and this is regardless of the fact that “Transgenderdate.com cannot guarantee and does not promise any specific results from use of the Service and/or the Site of Transgender date.com”.

FAQ about TransgenderDate

In fact, the site cooperates only with the US based states and cities, so being in search of the local dating with this particular site you can choose some big cities like New York Transgender Dating, Los Angeles Transgender Dating, Chicago Transgender Dating, Atlanta Transgender Dating, Houston Transgender Dating, San Francisco Transgender Dating, Dallas Transgender Dating.

You can use the site under any conditions but mind the specifics of the dating platform.

As far as we’re concerned, the app is being elaborated, so we believe that in the nearest future it’ll be at our disposal.

Each particular case of the refund is to be discussed with the Support team to avoid any misunderstanding.

In fact, you are welcome to use any currency of your choice; however, remember that the site is open only for the US based residents or persons who are currently in the US.