Traveling in its ordinary meaning has already turned out to be more or less boring, for the contemporary world has much to show even without leaving your home. However, human desire to travel, to circumnavigate the globe, and to fulfil wanderlust has always been present, and, as a result, moved each of us. There is a brand-new motif to visit the new places, which is not only to “travel the world and the seven seas,” as Eurythmics had sung. It is because “everybody’s looking for something”! What is something? Yeah, so right you are, pleasure! YOu can aalways get with the apps for one night stands!

Imagine that you have decided to go down (or, maybe, you have been sent to, say, on business) to a particular city of the USA, and you are aware of the fact that you cannot live without any intricate adult instances with the hottest cuties? Sure, you don’t know the city and you have no idea of who you can find to be your escort. Why not google it all and find the forum, whereon the locals of the city discuss their instances and experiences with a particular escort person? Yes! Here you are, buddy! There is a forum named USASexGuide, which will definitely give you what you have to find.

usa sexFirst off, let’s understand what is USASexGuide and how it functions. So,

  • USASexGuide is a platform using the format of the forum for people who are engaged in sex tourism all over the US;
  • USASexGuide is aimed at providing the feedback on the escort people whose services were used, so that you could read it all and decide who’s better to pick up to have perfect experiences in your bed;
  • USASexGuide utilizes the principle of categorization based on the biggest cities of the USA, so that whenever you attend any of the locations listed, you can just pick up a thread and read about the escort in this particular city;
  • USASexGuide is place where you can also directly communicate with the members of the forums by dropping them a message directly.

Secondly, let’s see how’s it different from any other websites aimed at providing you with hookup options, adult social sites, and online dating adult opportunities?

  • Neither of the hookup and/or dating adult sites can give you so much feedbacks on a particular person as you can find it with USASexGuide;
  • USASexGuide is different from all the hookup and/or adult dating platforms, for it does not aim to find someone for you, but to show you the opinion of other people, who used the services of escort in a particular city of the USA;
  • USASexGuide is absolutely free to use, so dissimilarly from the hookup and/or adult dating web locations, the forum does not charge you for using it;
  • USASexGuide contains free photo galleries of 18+ explicit content format, and it goes absolutely for free;
  • you can always use the USASexGuide’s nude cam sites;
  • you are not likely to find any scam or fake accounts on USASexGuide, which is quite common for the hookup and/or adult dating web platforms.

us sex guide

Thirdly, let’s see who USASexGuide has been created for and how successful it is. Well,

  • The platform is comprised of mainly the frivolous persons, who are fond of sex tourism all over the US;
  • USASexGuide has also been formed as a platform whereon the escort persons can advertise their services with the direct feedback from their clients;
  • USASexGuide is website to have adult fun by looking at the adult content pictures and/or by using the promoted by USASexGuide webcam sites;
  • USASexGuide’s main function is to serve a function of a perfect assistant or advisor, which is well aware of the sexual and escort situation in a particular city of the USA;
  • only straight relations can be found on this site, so if you’re in search of homosexual and/or bisexual experiences, USASexGuide will not be of use for you.

What is more, HookupGeek would like to provide some stats related to USASexGuide in order to show you how it is credible and useful among the thousands of its users. So, have a look at the frequency of visiting USASexGuide by countries of the world,

  • United States: 89.87%;
  • Canada: 2.44%;
  • Denmark: 1.28%;
  • Netherlands: 0.91%;
  • Sweden: 0.83%

You may think why the purely US site for the US-based sexual experiences is visited from the other countries? The answer is clear: in search of the perfect experiences of sexual character, the residents of other countries tend to move to the USA, and beforehand, they monitor the relevance of the opportunities and their own demand.

Let’s see some more stats on the site to prove that it is quite a nice platform to use to gain what’s been necessary,

  • in compliance with the official stats analysis, the USASexGuide forum has been visited by more than 400k people in the period from November 2018 by May 2019;
  • the average duration of the USASexGuide visit is 00:01:58, which is quite a good result, since the visitors do not have to spend much time to find what they have needed to;
  • the USASexGuide site’s bounce rate is 33.72%;
  • USASexGuide has 99.8% of visitors being redirected from the social networks (mainly, from Twitter);
  • the USASexGuide platform is based on the organic search exclusively (that is it comprises 100%), so no paid search is needed, which signifies the great authority of the site.

usa sex guideWhat is more, HookupGeek has successfully found out even some more stats about the website, so that you will be surprised of how it is popular and efficient for the users,

  • the current number of members is 568,414;
  • there are numerous topics comprised of the index of 12,398;
  • the overall number of the reports on the escort providers is 3,892,202;
  • the number of the USASexGuide unique visitors on the daily basis is approximately 9,000 people;
  • the number of the USASexGuide monthly unique visitors is 247,860;
  • the USASexGuide’s daily pageviews rate is 53,703;
  • the USASexGuide’s monthly page view rate is 1,611,090;
  • the USASexGuide’s annual page view is 19,601,595;
  • the domain is registered under the authorship by Afilias Global Registry Services and USASG Internet Properties S.A.;
  • the website has functioned since 2000, and gained much popularity through all these years.

These facts mean that the credibility of the platform is proved by the statistical data and number of visitors. So, it goes actually with no doubts that the usefulness of the service is quite great and can deliver the necessary level of satisfaction. The most important thing in this case is that the reviews and feedbacks are provided by real people, and you can count only for the most truthful information about a particular escort person.

Let’s move further and discover some more facts about the platform. HookupGeek would like now to move to the issue of how USASexGuide functions and what you should do to get in. So, everything is categorized, and we will start off the registration process. So, to get signed in, you don’t do much, namely,

  • you agree to use the site only under the condition that you are over 18 years old;
  • as soon as you provided your consent, you are directed to the main page with the numerous threads to read;
  • you should find the Registration button and push it;
  • you insert your user name, password, and email, so that you don’t use real name if you don’t want to;
  • within a few seconds you will receive an email notification that contains all the further steps, that is you have to follow the link to prove and confirm your email address you mentioned.


That’s it! You’re there and can use all the services, including

  • threads (in their full volume);
  • search tool (including the advanced search, as well);
  • photo galleries with the explicit content;
  • escort webcams (presented mainly by BongaCams, and, just in case, you can read HookupGeek’s review on BongaCams);
  • communication with the members of the site directly in the messages.

usg hookupgeek

So, there are many opportunities as soon as you get registered with USASexGuide, which would assist you regardless of your purposes (regardless of whether you are a sex tourist in the USA or you are an escort representative). So, get everything you want at once with USASexGuide, and you will never forget all these horny experiences you have been experiencing from city to city all over the USA!

So, which cities can be encountered on USASexGuide to read about escort? Surprisingly, but the range of the US cities varies from the smallest ones to the most known and biggest ones. The list of the small cities is presented, for instance, by the following ones,

  • St Petersburg;
  • Saginaw;
  • Biloxi; and
  • Toledo.

The biggest cities of the USA are also given access to, so have a look at the list of the most visited destinations,

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Manhattan
  • Milwaukee
  • New York
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Tacoma

So, whenever and wherever you decide on going, you can always count for the most detail and truthful responses and feedback about the escort opportunities in each particular US city.

How can you use the USASexGuide if you are not a US citizen and just plan to visit this country?

  • first of all, being available regardless of the geographic location of the users, the platform can help you get in touch with the escort providers you read about in threats to arrange a meeting as soon as you arrive to the USA;
  • secondly, if you don’t want to share your real nationality, name, and other personal things and details, you can use VPN and/or just do not mention truthful information when signing up and filling in your account details;
  • thirdly, be sure to read about the payment procedure to the escort providers in the Rules of the Site Usage or get in touch with the Site’s Editor to have everything figured out;
  • fourthly, you can use different categories of search by cities, states, and special interests (including amateurs’ services, dating agencies, jokes & humorous stories, oral sex, penis enlargement techniques, and so on).


So, you can see that the platform is able to provide you with the numerous significant and fruitful information, which would serve you as a guide to the sex tourism all over the USA including each particular city to be discussed in a separate way. So, what can be less complicated than that? As for us, HookupGeek is going to give you some stats on the biggest cities mentioned on USASexGuide, their frequency of visits, number of users, and some tendencies. So, follow us now, and read on in order to be informed to the uttermost extent about everything you need to have successful sex tourism trips all over the US biggest cities.

Locations Discussed On Usa Sex Forum

In order to properly understand the way, in which USASexGuide functions, we would love to give you a chance to virtually travel throughout the biggest cities-destination of the sex tourists. We are going to disclose all the most statistical and necessary information, which would assist you in the search of the best escort agency or private escort provider. Believe, it is a great tool to be aware of, since you will not have to waste your time absolutely in vain, but for fruitful results.

Las Vegas

Within the frequency of visits, Las Vegas is amongst the ones of the most often visitors whose IPs are registered there. This city is popular among the sex tourists because it is also full of other entertainment aspects. Thus, Las Vegas thread on USASexGuide ranks first because the rates of visits achieve the index of 8,000 visitors. What else serves as a reason to the high frequency of Las Vegas thread is that the number of escort providers is quite great there.


Being a capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu attracts the sex tourists and, as a result, the Honolulu thread on the site is ranked second as for the frequency of visits. The main reason is that the along with the cool resort destination, Hawaii in general and Honolulu in particular also possesses numerous variants of having escort options. The same tendency found in Las Vegas is evident also in Honolulu: because of the high demand, the escort’s pricing approaches are quite high, so that they can be accessible for wealthy people only. The overall number of visits to the Honolulu thread is 7,500.


Chicago is the third destination being among the most popular ones on the USASexGuide forum. Because of the city’s size, it possesses numerous private and corporate escort services at its disposal. It means that if you have to visit this city, you will be able to find so many engaging and amazing experiences that you will even want to stay there and stop your further trips to the other US cities. Similarly to Las Vegas and Honolulu, Chicago has the same tendency: the pricing approach is quited out of the blue. In any case, the Chicago thread on USASexGuide has more than 7,000 visits.


Being much popular among the US citizens, Florida is also a place to visit for the foreigners (especially, from the Western Europe). Because of the relatively good level of quality of life in this location, the luxurious escort services have no limits in pricing. As a result, the total number of visits of this thread on USASexGuide website approaches the index of 6,000.


The search for Seattle’s escort services is also quite great, which is determined by the size of the city, as well. However, the pricing policies are here less prominent, and also, you can find some free of cost escort services. The total number of Seattle’s threads visits is 6,900.


Atlanta goes next in our rating of the USASexGuide’s forum requests. Because of its successful geolocation, Atlanta is searched and visited by 6,500 visitors. So, the destination is also of interest, and causes numerous discussions, for the number of escort services is quite convincing and there are numerous agency to be engaged in escort for the most amazing sex tourism.


Cincinnati thread on USASexGuide is characterized by 6,281 visits. The fame of the city is caused by the quite numerous private escort providers, while the agencies are not that numerous.


Huntsville is another more or less popular thread on the USASexGuide platform, since it contains numerous free of cost opportunities to have escort. In addition to this, in Huntsville, there is a function of having the first hour of escort service for free, while there is a condition that there will be at least one more hour to be paid for.


Having about 4,000 visits on USASexGuide platform, the Orlando thread contain so many discussions and reviews on the most alluring escort persons, so that you will have to spend some time to pick up the best person to spend time with including the most alluring experiences.


The rate of visits of Charlotte thread on the platform is 3,898, and it is firmly and rapidly achieving the higher rates. It is because of the fact that the three most frequently visited threads are characterized by the high cost, while Charlotte-located escort agencies have the same services but their cost is almost twofold lower.


Regardless of the fact that the city of Boston is among the most popular in the USA, the sex tourism destination in its form is not that quite famous. This is determined by the fact that the escort services are not quite well elaborated in the city. Thus, in any case, the number of visits of the Boston thread on the USASexGuide website is 3,750.


Being famous from historic point of view, Baltimore does not have that much fame from the point of view of sex tourism. The number of visits is 3,000. The pricing approaches of the escort servers is quite moderate and, thus, can be affordable for the majority of men.


USASexGuide’s thread on Columbus is visited by 2,900 people searching for the perfect escort services and hookup experiences. The pricing in this destination is known to be close to the Baltimore’s one, and is characterized as average.


The visits to the Atlanta’s thread on the USASexGuide web platform is 2,850. It is surprising, in fact, that the city is not ranked in the first lines of this rating for it is quite big and popular not only among the Americans but among the foreigners, as well.


The thread of Louisville on the USASexGuide is 2,500. This rate is quite big for this city, in fact, because it is not quite popular among the Americans and foreigners.


Nashville is ranked 2,400 visits on the USASexGuide platform. It means that the escort services are currently developing, and, in the future, it is planned to achieve even higher rates ever and become on the top of Atlanta and Louisville.


In spite of an idea that Phoenix is quite a known city not only in the USA but also beyond its borders, the number of visits of its thread on USASexGuide is 2,258. HookupGeek believes that in the future this index will be higher.


The rates of visits to Milwaukee thread on USASexGuide is approaching the rate of 1,500. Certainly, the result is quite low; however, the spread of USASexGuide site will impact this number positively in the future.


The rate of 1,220 is the number of visits of Knoxville thread on USASexGuide. As a matter of fact, this is quite an ordinary number for the city, which is not that much popular. In any case, the searchers of new impressions will once inhabit the city to the fullest extent.


The Greenville thread on USASexGuide is visited by 1,000 persons. This is really the least visited city for the purpose of sex tourism. In fact, it is quite difficult to modify the situation in order to attract more and more people.

As we have analyzed all the most famous destinations for the sex tourism as for the version of USASexGuide, we would love to shed light on the average prices you can encounter for escort services in each of these cities. You’re most welcome to take a look at the table we have created for your convenience below,

US City Pricing
Las Vegas $600 – $1,200 per hour
Honolulu $600 – $1,000 per hour
Chicago $600 – $1,000 per hour
Florida $500 – $900 per hour
Cincinnati $500 – $900 per hour
Seattle $500 – $900 per hour
Atlanta $400 – $800 per hour
Huntsville $400 – $700 per hour
Orlando $400 – $700 per hour
Charlotte $400 – $700 per hour
Boston $400 – $550 per hour
Baltimore $400 – $550 per hour
Columbus $400 – $550 per hour
Atlanta $400 – $550 per hour
Louisville $400 – $550 per hour
Nashville $400 per hour
Phoenix $300 – $400 per hour
Milwaukee $300 – $400 per hour
Knoxville $300 – $400 per hour
Greenville up to $300 per hour

So, having analyzed the visits rate to these cities’ threads and having covered the pricing approaches per hour of service, it is quite complicated to see the overall tendency. It mainly consists in the fact that the price is directly related to the number of threads’ visits. In other words, the higher visits’ rate is, the higher pricing for the escort services is. In addition to this, the size of the city matters, so, if you are in search of the cheaper services, you can easily travel to the cities, which are located at the end of the rating. However, in this case, it is necessary to mention that in majority of cases, economically, the more services representatives are, the lesser the cost is to be. However, in adult industry this law does not sex guide

Why is there so different pricing approach within the same city? It is quite easy, in fact,

  • the quality and the number of services matter if this aspect is taken per hour;
  • the person of the escort provider is important (if this is something special or exotic, the price can go up);
  • the location of an escort in a particular part of the city can impact the price per hour, so the persons working in the downtown tend to charge you more;
  • the services provided by the individual escort providers are somehow lower than the ones by the escort agencies; however, the latter ones tend to be more credible.

So, there are different approaches to pricing, and you should take care of it in order to suit your wallet. Therefore, when you decide on ordering this type of service, you are most welcome to get in touch with the escort representatives in order to communicate all of your intentions and purposes to evaluate the cost per hour.

Pros and Cons of USA Sex Guide

As regular, HookupGeek – when analyzing and reviewing a particular website – pays attention not only to the way it is built and how it functions, but also, to have a clear vision, we point to the key pros and cons. So, USASexGuide is not an exception, and we have detected some pros and cons, which you should be aware of to successfully use the website.

Traditionally, we will start off the advantages, which are quite numerous, and which can be of use for you if you are a newcomer to the USASexGuide platform. So, this is the list of pros which have exclusively been detected by HookupGeek, and we’re sure you will be happy to know them, since they are your path to the amazing things in your personal life if your are in your sex tourism trips! So, they are as follows,

  • the usage of the site is absolutely for free for both users/members and escort providers;
  • if an escort provider’s service is not for free of cost, you can generate a coupon with a discount on the Internet, so that you can gain up to 50% discount for the escort providers’ services;
  • the USASexGuide is not just a forum to communicate on, but a platform, which also consists of the entertainment tools (such as, as mentioned already, galleries, webcams, personal communication, and so on);
  • the site performs an educative function, as well, since it has a section of Abbreviations, where you can find numerous sexual terms and abbreviations, which would help you easier navigate the site and find what is needed;
  • with the help of the calendar, you can easily find the most recent posts and reports as well as monitor the activity of the other users;
  • you can use the site as an organizer for your communication and sexual intercourses, since it contains some features of the social network (see the picture below).

us sex g

What about the possible drawbacks of the platform? Are there any? Of course, regardless of the fact that the web platform is absolutely free of cost, there are some tiny shortcomings, which can somehow irritate when using it. Let’s see them all,

  • because of the fact that the registration process is quite easy (as we depicted it above), there are some users who sign up in order to spread spam; however, the administration of the site makes everything possible to detect such cases and remove them;
  • because of the idea that USASexGuide is absolutely free to use, it contains some ads, however, they do not actually really overload the work of the site, and what is more, they can be of use for the target audience.

These are all shortcomings which you can be likely to encounter. So, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that you will like the site. In any case, you can use an AdBlocker tool to deprive yourself of any ads being broadcast. So, you can see that the number of the advantages is quite more significant and decisive than the one of the cons. us sex guide


The aspect of any site’s security has always been a primary concern for HookupGeek because we do take care of the security our readers do count for. In addition to this, security is a guarantee of the HookupGeek’s reputation and good authority. So, each time whenever we review any particular website for adults, we tend to analyze the aspect of security. Thus, HookupGeek can inform you on the following,

  • USASexGuide is the first forum in the industry to ensure the copyright security not only to the content written for the site but also the one, which its users have published;
  • USASexGuide has a well developed system of the users’ data protection since the members do not have to post much personal information when signing up;
  • the platform has several position which are responsible for the security of the site’s usage, including an editor’ services to ensure that nothing violates the protectiob and terms of use;
  • the forum functions under the strict following of yhe modern and most recent law.

So, whenever you decide on being signed up and in with USASexGuide, you can feel calm about the issue of security. The only thing which you should bear in mind is that you should never communicate your personal details to the third parties. In this case, the administration of the platform is not responsible for any violations and transfer of your private data.


Regardless of the fact that USASexGuide is not a regular hookup site, we have to analyze the quality of the services, tools, and profiles on it. It means that when you are going to attend a particular web platform, you have to be aware of the possible risks to be encountered from the point of view of the quality. So, this is our task now to inform you on the quality which would maybe surprise you somehow!

We’ll start off the quality of the tools, which are presented on the website and which you use to generate the desired information to be perceived,

  • the search (both simple and advanced) functions are quite elaborated being represented in the regular classic manner ensure that you can find everything you need using different criteria;
  • the message system is based on the most diverse filters principle, so you can create your contacts list, locate your interlocutors as black list members;
  • the threads system is designed in such a way that you don’t have to read much about unnecessary cities – oppositely you can read information about escort providers located within a particular city of your interest and destination;
  • if you want to read the most up-to-date threads and reports, you can easily enter the special section named What’s New?;
  • the FAQ section is equipped with more than 40 questions, which would help you better understand the functionality of the forum and the manner you get desired information.

The tools for the private escort providers and escort agencies are a bit different from the ones the ordinary users see. The tools for escort representatives are equipped with the following details,

  • ability to respond to the followers and clients (both real, current, and potential) providing all the details on the services;
  • ability to advertise the services including the paid ads published on the front page of USASexGuide;
  • the terms of use for providers are different;
  • the escort persons still can manage their contacts by classifying their clients including the black list function.

us sexThus, in spite of being free of charge, USASexGuide is able to provide good quality tools. They assist not only the users but the escort representatives.

USASexGuide Login
visit site
What about the quality of profiles? Herein, we would love to pay attention to the quality of escort providers’ profiles, since they are the key stakeholders for why the members join the site. So, this is what HookupGeek has found out about the quality of profiles,

  • because of the real users’ concerns and feedbacks, it would be quite complicated to encounter any fake profiles;
  • in most cases, the payment for the escort’s services is committed after receiving the service per se, there is actually no point in creating any scamful accounts to produce fraud;
  • the correspondence of the pictures of the escort persons is real, and causes no problem to find a real person to have some adult experiences.

Thus, HookupGeek has a strong conviction that one can find this system of forum format quite a nice perspective and a nice alternative to the scamful websites. So, why not have it tried out? In any case you lose nothing, since you are not even charged for using the site.

Some Final Thoughts

Well, the sex tourism aspect is inevitable and inseparable part of the modern life, so that it can be much interesting of trying it all out. In addition to this, when planning a sex trip to the USA or throughout the USA, you should be aware that there is a nice web platform, the USASexGuide, which is designed in order to indulge all the tourist’s needs, which are based on that something which constitutes the limitless pleasure and new impressions and sensations.usa sex guide

So, that something which everyone is seeking is just a reason to get engaged in sex traveling or sex tourism. If you did know, the USA is a perfect country to do so, since there are so many alluring escort persons, and “some of them want to use you, some of them want to get used by you, some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.” Sounds intricate and goes beyond the initial context of Eurythmics’ lyrics, right? So, why not get the freedom and use it when cir-cum-navigating the USA and obtaining the most pleasant impressions?

So, we do hope that HookupGeek has been useful for you now, and you will find what you have been searching for. In addition to this, you are most welcome to leave your comments in order to share your experiences with USASexGuide with us! We’re always happy to have it all posted! So, get it all and keep in touch with us in order to provide us with the most updated information, and we will be happy to share it with all of our readers!

FAQ about USASexGuide

In fact, there are no pre-paid users’ feedback, as the philosophy of the website is that the users voluntarily share their feedbacks. In addition to this, when using the USESexGuide, you should alway bear in mind that all the comments and feedbacks are subjective. It means that someone’s experience cannot be the same as yours. So, it is better to be responsible when basing only on the feedback by the USASexGuide users.

The credibility of the site is proved by its absolutely free nature to use. In addition to this, no one forces you to write either positive or negative feedbacks. This is all absolutely up to you to decide which type of feedback you would prefer. Finally, you can but not forced to listen to the feedbacks by the other users. The same concerns the use of the escort profiles listed on the forum.

In fact, no one has to pay for the ads. So, if you want to provide such a service, you can freely get signed up to become an escort provider. As a result, you can promote all of your ads and communicate with the users.

Of course, you can. The site does not ask for any personal information. Also, no bank details should be provided. To become a member of USASexGuide, you will only need to make up a nick to log in and a password. Both are of your own choice.

You can use the forum from any location of the planet. The philosophy of the site is that if you are not located in the USA but are going to visit the country, you will be able to circumnavigate the site to find the proper options for you beforehand and have them reserved.