About Vanessa Veracruz

Want to know what is the best dating site for one night stands? Sorry, dude! HookupGeek is amongst the first, as always, to consider Vanessa Veracruz bio because so many of our readers have asked for writing about this well-known and extremely skillful webcam model and porn actress. So, enjoy, guys, this is a new HookupGeek’s article on the most secret and exclusive details about Vanessa Veracruz, so that you can be the first to find out these facts and details about this horny cutie! So, enjoy your reading, since we’ve collected so much interesting info!

There is no point in double mentioning that the world of the webcam business and the porn industry in general have so much at their disposal to marvel each of the users. Furthermore, when being in search of the hottest and the most professional webcam models and porn actresses, you might have seen that not all of them are that appealing and interesting. HookupGeek tends to pay attention to the most unique and special ones in order to give our readers the most incredible and exclusive information.

So, today we are to consider the model, whose Latin appearance is more than appealing – it is charming and enchanting, so that not only men but also women adore watching this kinky beauty. So, her name is Vanessa Veracruz, and believe us she is aware of how to deliver the most intensive satisfaction to you as soon as you decide on watching the videos and episodes by her or as soon as you prefer peeping on her live sexcam site shows, which gather numerous audience.

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In any case, as usual, HookupGeek would wish to disclose all the information about this misbehaving cutie, so that you could not stand but want to grab her and have everything she wants with you. Intrigued? We’re sure that yes! So, take a look at the most incredible data HookupGeek has successfully gathered about Vanessa Veracruz!

First off, we’d start with the overall review of life and biography of Vanessa Veracruz in order to get some closer to her, and then, we will regularly narrate the hottest details about this unbelievable princess, so that you will have no power to resist! So, general information on Vanessa Veracruz is comprised of the following facts,

  • HookupGeek has found out that the birth name of this webcam model and porn actress is Vanessa Veracruz Paul Zhen;
  • However, she is also well-known using the following pseudonyms, Ms.Veracruz, VV, and Vanessa V.;
  • The occupation of this hotie is comprised of different aspects, namely, Glamour Model, Cam Girl, Actress, Pornographic Actress, Director, Social Media Personality;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s date of birth is June 12, 1987, so she is 32 years old now;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s birthplace of San Fernando Valley, CA, USA;
  • She speaks English, so you will never encounter any problems with communication with this horny girl;
  • The start of Vanessa Veracruz’s career is the end of 2011.

So, HookupGeek is eager to share some physical parameters of Vanessa Veracruz, so that you could imagine how she is beautiful and great! Thus, take a look at the details related with the body of Vanessa Veracruz,

  • Vanessa Veracruz’s height is 166 cm;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s weight is 52 kg, so she’s slim and hot;
  • Her breast is silicone, and her breast size is 3;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s eye color is brown;
  • She has brunette hair color;
  • The parameters of Vanessa Veracruz are as follows, 85-65-90 cm;
  • This cutie has a tattoo, and it is located on the lower back;
  • the form of Vanessa Veracruz’s another tattoo is a symbol on the back of the neck, and some inscription on the right thigh;
  • Her navel is a location fro her piercing;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s sexual preferences are bisexual, however, in majority of her live webcam shows and porn movies Vanessa Veracruz lesbian qualities are more than evident.

So, else has HookupGeek found about this gorgeous chick? Let’s see how she became a porn actress and then a model for the webcam live performances?

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  • Vanessa Veracruz came to porn while still a full-time university student;
  • Her arrival in the industry was almost inevitable – a beautiful girl living in the Valley of San Fernando, in the heart of the camming of films for adults;
  • For a long time she did not know at all that such shootings were taking place near her, but the time came and she herself was there;
  • In February 2011, the girl signed a contract with the agency LA Direct Models. So she started her career and quickly got into the top of popular photo studios. She really likes to be removed, because thanks to this she feels more sexy and attractive;
  • In 2012 she was offered to play in the film due to her appearance, where she immediately got the main role;
  • Vanessa considers herself a creative person and she treats her work very well, she likes her;
  • The actress acts in solo and lesbian scenes, as she believes that shooting with guys can lead to difficulties in her personal life;
  • Once, she made herself a tattoo on her lower back while working on another project, but after finishing it, she decided to leave it on completely.

From the very beginning of work in porn, Vanessa was lucky – the shooting with her participation took place in magnificent exotic places. For three weeks they filmed episodes in elite Mexican Cancun, where all the popular stars of show business and sports love to relax. Then the film crew moved to Belize, where the aspiring actress saw the famous Blue Hole Cave. There was no better debut for a young porn actress. In her career, everything went well, she worked with large studios and earned good money. For example, an unbearable amount of 60 thousand dollars for her university tuition, she was able to earn in a short time. But even in her cloudless career, clouds sometimes condensed. So, at one of the awards of the year, a big scandal broke out. The actress has already secured first place in the competition and no one doubted that she would become the “girl of the year”. But at the last moment the prize was given to her rival, and Veracruz was only the second. The actress announced a boycott of Twistys, who organized this contest, and most likely they were fraudulently rigging the final votes (however, officially, there are awards for Vanessa Veracruz, and we will point to them very-very soon!). After this scandal, the actress has become less invited to the shooting, because no one likes rebels. Many provocateurs appeared on her forums who tried to denigrate the actress. Over time, everything calmed down and was forgotten, but now she knows that you need to be very careful, even when everything is fine.

We have also discovered even some piquant information about this horny princess. So, now, these are HookupGeek’s exclusive facts about Vanessa Veracruz pornstar,

  • Now a successful star with a laugh recalls his first job;
  • When she was sixteen years old, she worked as an animator in the subway;
  • In a giant sandwich suit, she handed out flyers to passengers;
  • And now she has set her sights on fulfilling one of her dreams – buying an Audi R8 car;
  • The actress has several unusual hobbies – she learns to play the clarinet and is engaged in the study of belly dance;
  • She has a friend who adores Persian cuisine and the girl has learned several recipes from this cooking;
  • She likes Guess jeans and she likes Hawaiian rum.

Her parents do not know what their daughter is doing. She left this side of her life a secret. Despite this, she is a public person. Many exhibitions do not pass without her participation. She has her own website and several social media accounts. Vanessa Veracruz devotes a lot of time to communicating with the participants of her forum, with her fans. For her, it is important to be first in everything, and especially in the business where she works. She knows well that the age of a porn actress can be very short and you need to have time to make a capital that will give you opportunities in the future.

Interesting Facts

After HookupGeek has disclosed some general information, you would certainly want to find out even more about Vanessa Veracruz since her personality and charisma are more than just ordinary. She is a real creator of indulgence for both men and women, and thus, she is loved all over the world because is ready to provide what the fans of hers are eager to get. So, be among those who will now find out the most secret details about Vanessa Veracruz and we will also unlock some nice sexual preferences the webcam model and porn actress possesses. You’ll be more than just delighted, trust us!

There are even some more interesting facts about this magnificent beauty, namely

  • She does not like what her belly looks like, but she considers her legs to be the sexiest part of her body; Vanessa Veracruz does not like adult toys… but she really loves them;
  • The most favorite porn star of Vanessa Veracruz is Lela Star;
  • Vanessa Veracruz goes to the gym 4 times a week, where she is engaged in cardio and strength training;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s pet is a Persian cat called Pishi;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s favorite TV show is Two and a Half Men;
  • Vanessa Veracruz’s favorite alcohol drink is rum mixed with Coca-Cola;
  • She perfectly plays the clarinet;
  • She loves doing her morning blowjob to her partner, since it raises her spirits and energizes the whole day.

Can you see it? She is really incredible! So, we are sure that now when you watch her video live cam shows you will feel your indulgence even hotter!

HookupGeek has also come up with a rating of the best movies to recommend you where you can see all the most hidden talents by Vanessa Veracruz,

  • Barely Legal 123 (2011);
  • Soft Sensuous Feet (2011);
  • Pretty Topless Prisoners (2011);
  • Double Bondage Pleasure (2011);
  • Daisy’s Captivating Fantasies (2011);
  • Hogtied Honeys (2011);
  • Executive Ropework Submission (2012);
  • Costume Bondage Tales (2012);
  • Stripped Down and Wrapped Up (2012);
  • Tight Ropes on Topless Girls (2012);
  • Tight Ropes on Topless Girls (2011);
  • Plastic Wrapped Dolls (2011); and
  • Lesbian Stepsisters (2011).

So, by watching these movies and episodes as well as the Vanessa Veracruz naked shows for the live cam sites, you will see hot hot and kinky she is, and how perfect she can suit your expectations.

As you may know, the number of awards by Vanessa Veracruz is more than great. This is mainly because she is that talented and hot that no one can resist the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction when peeping on her. So, what about the awards of this passionate beauty? You cannot even imagine how numerous they are and how you can adore her when you have this information, as well. So, take a glance at the numerous achievements Vanessa Veracruz has possessed since she has become a famous and recognized star of the adult movies and live cam sites.

Award Year Category
AVN Awards 2013 as a nominee “Best Solo Sex Scene” Dirty Little Secrets
AVN Awards 2013 as a nominee “Best Solo Sex Scene” Dirty Little Secrets
AVN Awards 2013: Sex Awards 2013 as a nominee “Sexiest Adult Star”
The Fannys Awards 2014 as a nominee “Ethnic Performer of the Year”
AVN Awards 2015 as a nominee “All-Girl Performer of the Year”
AVN Awards 2015 as a  nominee “Best Boobs (Fan Award)”
XBIZ Awards 2015 as a nominee “Girl/Girl Performer of the Year”
XBIZ Awards 2016 “Girl/Girl Performer of the Year”(WINNER)
AVN Awards 2016 as a nominee “All-Girl Performer of the Year”
AVN Awards 2016 as a nominee “Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene” Business of Women (with Abigail Mac and Shyla Jennings)
XBIZ Awards 2016 as a nominee “Best Actress – All-Girl Release” Business of Women (with Shyla Jennings)
XRCO Awards 2016 as a nominee “Best Lesbian Performer”
AVN Awards 2017 as a nominee “All-Girl Performer of the Year”
XBIZ Awards 2017 as a nominee “Girl/Girl Performer of the Year”
XRCO Awards 2017 as a nominee “Best Lesbian Performer”
AVN Awards 2018 as a nominee “All-Girl Performer of the Year”
XBIZ Awards 2018 nominee “Girl/Girl Performer of the Year”
XBIZ Awards 2018 as a nominee “Best Sex Scene – All-Girl Release” Modern Romance (with Vicki Chase)

So, the numerous awards of porn industry contribution have noticed Vanessa Veracruz for her outstanding talents and qualities. It means that regardless of the fact that the girl did not win many of the nominations, she is still a famous and acknowledged person in the world of adult entertainment. So, we’re sure if you are fond of Vanessa Veracruz videos of adult character, you will adore the way she performs in front of her webcam. In addition, you will feel the stronger titillation as soon as you know some interesting details about this funny cutie.


Why Is She so Special?

So, what’s special about this gorgeous princess, whose talent makes the numerous fans get hotter when seeing her?

  • Vanessa Veracruz is not a regular boring webcam model but a brand, which is able to provide much more than just peeping on;
  • Having elaborated the brand, Vanessa Veracruz is able to provide her fans with the numerous attributes of exclusive nature, so that you can get even closer to this cutie;
  • Vanessa Veracruz is filled with the numerous creative ideas so you can always expect the best and the most exclusive performances.

What is more, you can visit her official website to attend the specially designed items for sale in the shop section. They include,

  • calendars with her exclusive photos;
  • Afternoon Delight with Ryan Ryans;
  • Aqua Seduction;
  • Aqua Wall photoset;
  • Bath fantasies;
  • Beach Date PDA Shyla Jenning;
  • Black Friday DVD Blowout.

Of course, this is not the full list of the items you can purchase, but you will love them all. In addition, the thousands of hot horny items by Vanessa Veracruz will delight you to the super great extent and will provide you with more passion. So, if you like different merch and horny things to buy from the original actresses, you can always do it by using the official website of this cool cutie. Trust us, you will be not only a fan of Vanessa Veracruz but also a regular client, who gets the most passionate things first!

You can also contact the cutie by using one of the following means,

  • Vanessa Veracruz Twitter profile, where the porn star actively shares her insights and latest news;
  • Vanessa Veracruz has her own Instagram account, where she posts nice erotic pics which would surely make you more interested in this model; and, finally,
  • you can want to join this actress using her SnapChat profile to get in touch with her and her hot videos and shots.

More information can be found when you access her official website, where you will find some more interesting things along with the kinky videos including the ones where both Dani Daniels and Vanessa Veracruz are cammed.

Final Thoughts

Latin beauty Vanessa Veracruz amazes with her sexual energy and attractiveness. This lady skillfully excites any viewer and will not let go of the screen until the very last frames. You can easily verify this yourself, at least a little watching porn videos with this beauty. Rate her talents and skills in the erotic sphere, enjoy her excellent performances. This beauty appears only in same-sex scenes with a lesbian theme or in solo films; as of 2015, the number of her videos was close to two hundred and she does not plan to stop. Chick knows how to get viewers, in many respects she does it perfectly thanks to her ardent temper and hot appearance, but, of course, does not do without talent in this business, because shooting this video is a wonderful way to realize your huge stage potential.

Vanessa constantly cherished nursing and school has dependably been her main need. While going to school, she made a point to plan her scenes amid the end of the week so as to go to classes. In spite of the fact that she cherishes taping, she inclines toward photograph shoots since they make her vibe hotter. She believes her legs to be the best piece of her body and she works out four times each week so as to keep her figure fit as a fiddle. She likewise cherishes paunch dancing.Vanessa is each person’s fantasy lady; she has expressed that she adores awakening her accomplice by giving him a morning oral sex. In her own life, she isn’t much into sex toys, leaning toward a genuine accomplice. She is a bi-sexual. In her extra time she adores preparing Persian sustenance for her beau. She is a science fiction nerd, and a colossal devotee of Star Trek. Vanessa has a tattoo on her lower back; an image on the back of her neck; composing on her lower right hip. She had a bosom amplification medical procedure and now she is 36C. So, there is no way to consider this cutie as a regular webcam model, whose live cam sites shows are just a way to earn cash.

Finally, as always, HookupGeek is ready to assist you in building your awareness about the webcam models of your preferences, so if you are tired of waiting for us to write about a particular webcam model or porn actress, you can feel absolutely free to get in touch with us in order to obtain the information in the form of another article. So, don’t be shy and just single out your suggestions to us, and we will be happy to write everything we can find. What’s more, be sure to leave your comments and feedback to us in order to fix up something if it is wrong. And remember to read about our sex dating sites to have more satisfaction!