About Victoria Banxxx

If you think you have seen everything in this life and you have tried out everything including even the one night stand web site, you’re surely mistaken, for the talents of Victoria Banxxx force us to think that we have never seen anything in the adult entertainment field! Can you guess what we mean? Yep, of course, HookupGeek always claims to be the most professional reviewer, but when we were preparing the article about this horny cutie, we had the same opinion. After we have investigated and studied everything which is related to her biography and personality, we came up with the conclusion that the world of porn industry will be surely revolutionized!

victoria banxxx camsodaYeah, we have been receiving your inquiries as for the article about Victoria Bankxxx, and, as always when we promise to hear your desires, we accomplish them to the fullest extent! Yep, you will be now reading about Victoria Banxxx and her biography. But it’d be quite a boring stuff to get in reading with, so we will spice it all with the most alluring and unbelievable facts about this horny princess and her sexual preferences! So, be sure that you will never get tired when reading this research about one of the most incredible cutie!

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So, HookupGeek will inform you first off on the most general data about this horny girl in order to let you have a general impression of her, and then, in the course of the article, we will provide you with the most alluring details of her biography, and believe, you will be unable to stand it, since it’s going to be that pleasurable and horny!

So, let’s start with the details of Victoria Bronxxx bio,

  • The real name of Victoria Banxxx is, in fact, Victoria Banx, so it is not quite complicated to remember;
  • The profession of this cutie is a porn star and webcam model, and she is proud of it, as we have found out;
  • The ethnicity of Victoria Banxxx is Caucasian;
  • We know that the country of her origin is the United States;
  • She was born in the state of Massachusetts;
  • The city of Victoria’s birth is Boston, and she has frequently turns back to this city;
  • HookupGeek also is aware of the fact that the date of birth of this horny cutie is on October 8, 1982;
  • Thus, currently Victoria Banxxx is 36 years old;
  • Her astrological sign is Libra (which starts as of Sep 23 and lasts up to Oct 22).

victoria banxxxSo, for now it may seem that the girl is not that special at all and she is no that different from the other porn actresses, whose origin is the US. However, we are going to prove you the opposite. The very this cutie is really unique, for she is able to do everything, and she does everything in the most exclusive manner, so just carry on reading, and you’ll see why she is so special!

We’re sure you’d love to know some of the physical parameters of the girl and, as you might have guessed, we do have some interesting facts about her body! So, we‘re sure you’ll be marvelled! What is more, the most interesting facts about Victoria’s body will go right next this section, and you will be filled with the most unbelievable desires and indulgence!

HookupGeek is now going to let you know everything possible about the cutie’s body and her physical parameters,

  • The Victoria’s eye color is brown;
  • The hair color of this cutie is also known to be brown;
  • The height of this magnificent cutie is 165 cm (that is 5 feet and 5 inches);
  • The weight, which Victoria Banxxx possesses is 55 kg (that is 121 lbs);
  • HookupGeek is also aware of the measurements of this beautiful princess, which are, as follows, 34B-26-42;
  • By the way, Victoria Bankxxx is amongst the porn models who does not have any fake boobs;
  • Because of the magnificence she possesses, her career status is still active;
  • We also know that the career start of this porn actress took place in 2016, and she has been still performing, that is we can claim that her experience is already 3 years in the business (!);
  • The shoe size of this porn actress is 10;
  • Victoria Banxxx is known to have some tattoos on her left butt cheek, on her right upper chest, on her left breast, and on her below navel; but
  • She has no piercings at all, which is quite atypical for the porn actresses.

For now, you can really see that the figure of this porn actress and live cam shows model is quite interesting, and it is some special if we compare her to the other porn actresses, at least because of the real tits she has now! So, why not admire her? We believe that you have already started liking her, but don’t hurry, for there is some more interesting information to show you about her! In any case, we are to step aside to the next section, wherein you will find out the most intricate, the most alluring and, along with this, the most unbelievably gorgeous facts about Victoria Banxxx!victoria banxxx

Interesting Facts

If you have ever seen the Victoria Banxxx nude videos and photos, you may now try to guess how gorgeous and appealing she is, and, what is more, she is quite a horny girl, who works her body in such a way that no one would be able to stand it all! So, in this section, we are going to narrate some interesting points about the life and career of this porn actress, including—yeah!—the sexual preferences of this porn actress!

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We will start with the best videos, which you will surely admire. Yeah, if you have not ever seen any videos of this girl, you will be able to get the highest admiration! So, this is the perfect HookupGeek’s exclusive rating of the best videos by Victoria Banxxx,

  • Bang Bus (TV Series): Undercover Stripper (2016)
  • Victoria Banxxx shows big Ass in sexy Bikini (2018)
  • Victoria Banxxx in white Bikini enjoying at a Pool (2017)
  • The Official Tumblr Account of Victoria Banxxx (2017)
  • Foxy Victoria Banxxx bounces on a quivering Member (2018)
  • Party of 3 (TV Series): Double Spanking Fun (2017)
  • Milf Hunter (TV Series)  (2016): Dick Rider (2016)
  • Victoria Banxxx Twitter Photos and Videos (2018)
  • Naughty Victoria Banxxx knows how to make Cock cum (2019)
  • Horny Victoria Banxxx gets Cock in her wet Pussy (2018)

Just believe whenever you watch the horny videos by Victoria Banxxx, you can surely find the best impressions ever! BUT! We have some more to tell you about the videos by Victoria Banxxx! Yep! This time, we mean the famous Victoria Banxxx Bangbus, since this the video, which we are impossible to rate at all, since it is more than just perfect! Thus, we would love to write some more about the very this video, since it is not only horny but extremely passionate and unexpected!

victoria banxxxSo, the video named Victoria Banxxx Bangbus is a brand-new stage in the porn industry! Why? Just because no one has ever done anything similar before! The girl expressed herself in the most unexpected manner. Why? We will show you it right away, and you will have the best impressions right away, as well!

  • the girl is shot in the specially designed minibus with a man, and they are engaged in the most unpredictable experiences;
  • the background of the movie is shot in the city, and when the bus is driving, you can see how the scenery is changing beyond the car windows;
  • the first shot of the movie is that the girl is standing in the most unbelievable pose, where you surely would admire her;
  • the man is sitting right in front of her, and she is ready to do everything she wants to and what he wants as well!;
  • she goes in different poses including you most desired ones, so that you will have the best experiences ever!;
  • she takes him in every pose possible including taking it in her mouth.

So, can you guess how horny and beautiful it is now? No way! You can guess it only when you watch it! If you do, you will get the innumerable number of org…anic feelings, which are, say, for real! So, you can just imagine how perfect she is and how you can deal with you pleasure!

We can also tell you her preferences in sex, and you will adore her, for sure!

  • the babe is not against any sexual experiments including the most xxx;
  • one of the preferences of this cutie is hardcore sex, and she tries to practice it as often as possible;
  • she is not against some lesbian experiences, and she has success with them, as well;
  • the threesom and other formats of orgies are amongst the most favorite types of sexual intercourses for Victoria, and she does it with the uttermost magnificence!;
  • the girl is in love with some scenes where she should act up as if someone’s sister, if you understand, and she behaves as the horniest babe ever;
  • in addition, Victoria is aware of how to make every man and every woman hot, and thus, she tries to act in such a way that the major audiences loved her to the greatest extent!

Hence, you now can see that the girl is filled with passion and she is quite skillful to turn all of her passions into the real perfect videos! A plenty of the fans of hers are the real and the most ideal proof of the fact that the girl is really talented and that she is worth of the biggest and the most honorable awards!

Why Is Victoria Banxxx So Special?

As you may understand, we need also to point to the factors, which make this horny cutie really special! Yep, it’s really important, since the features, which this porn actress has do really make her unique and special! you may see it from the number of her fans on Victoria Banxxx Instagram account or Victoria Banxxx Twitter page.

But, still, the same question of why this cutie is that special… we have to find an answer but we have said too much about her pleasance and talents! So, we have the reasons why we would consider this cutie to be really special! Yep, especially after the Victoria Banxxx Bangbus video!

victoria banxxxWe met her last summer and the truth is that we forgot her in a short time: it’s not that we did not like her, it’s that beyond the two scenes she published in June and July for Bangbros and Reality Kings, Victoria Banxxx did not return to be lavished not once. We gave it up for the cause and we had it in the untold list of one hit wonders, but a little over a month ago it reappeared unexpectedly in another scene for Bangbros that passed us by and today we recover with the hope, not very firm, that Victoria take this job seriously. That body and that big ass can not be ostracized.

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Final Thoughts

Victoria Banxxx and her videos are amongst the most special guests of HookupGeek, since the girl does really work magic and does really cool things! What is more, she will give you even much more than you might have ever wanted. How? She just has no limits as for the sex, and she does everything to be as open as possible, and the same touches upon the body of hers, if you understand, what we mean! By the way, in case if you would love to know more about the other webcam models, you can easily read the numerous biographies by HookupGeek. What is more, if you would love to find out how it is possible to watch the web cam shows, be welcome to read about the webcam sites.victoria banxxx

In addition to this, the girl is aware of the fact that her body is extremely beauteous, and thus, she applies it to the hugest extent. What is more, the talent of this porn actress is not limited to any boundaries, which would say her stop! No way! Never! She can perform everything with the same fascination and passion, regardless of what she like indeed. This  fact is really to be called as professionalism! So, HookupGeek is really happy to have written about this porn actress, for she is a miracle in the horny world of the adult entertainment. So, just have a look at the sex dating sites to unlock the similar cuties!

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