About Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan is an adult dating website, whose essential mission is to ensure that you can easily have the secret and passionate affairs with the persons who are mostly married. Of course, there are some other features, like:

  • One can date the divorced users;
  • There is a chance to date the attached ones;
  • You can find singles one, as well; and
  • The married persons are a priority.

Hence, we truly refer VictoriaMilan to the adult dating websites for married people!

Also, if you wonder if it is possible to categorize VictoriaMilan as hookups sites, our reply is positive: of course, yes! You can have whatever you want to with the very this adult dating platform!

What Is Victoria Milan?

Let’s now briefly concern the functionality of the dating offer we’re reviewing. As soon as you’re in, you will have a chance to use the following traits:

  • Featured Users: follow the ones who you like;
  • Search (we’ll show you everything about it a bit latter);
  • Messages;
  • Notifications (who liked you, who sent you a gift or a wink).

There are two more features you may find useful, but they’re not the property of Victoria Milan, but of its partners:

  • MarriageBooster: you’ll be directed to another website that contains a paid video tutorial on how to succeed to manage getting married;
  • VirtuAffair: a dating offer to have purely virtual ties.

Herein, keep in mind that to participate in these two offers, you will need to pay extra to the services, as the membership with Victoria Milan doesn’t cover them.

To start off searching, you can answer some short questions proposed to have the most efficacious results. So, when you first visit the site just pick up what you’re seeking:

  • Something short term;
  • Something long term;
  • Whatever excites you; and
  • Just curious and looking.

VM_MainWhat’s more, the site is planned to accessible in all possible languages to work globally. For now, of course, it’s more like a beta-version, and only English is possible to be used.

With VictoriaMilan, you’ll be able to have the following kinds of relations:

  • Straight relations (including the one-night stands and services resembling the fuck sites);
  • Bisexual and homosexual relations are also supported (so, you previously used the gay dating sites or lesbian dating apps but found nothing special, try it out, as well);
  • Serious relations are also possible if, of course, you search for singles under the condition that you’re single, too.

Along with this, we believe that some of the cougar dating sites’ features are accessible with Victoria Milan, as you can filter the search to seek the mature women.

We wish the site had been in development, so neither niche dating offers are presented for now. Nevertheless, we can predict it: you’ll have those features but a bit later.

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

As we always do that: we check the gender and age composition of the dating brands we come across, so that you could find truly what you sincerely want to!

  • the male users aged 18–25 are 5%;
  • the female users aged 18–25 comprise 10%;
  • the male users aged 26–35 compose 25%;
  • the female users aged 26–35 present 20%;
  • the male users aged 36–40 number is 15%;
  • the female users aged 36–40 percentage is 10%;
  • the quantity of male users aged 41–45 is 10%;
  • the female users aged 41–45 are 1%;
  • the percentage of male users aged 46+ is 2%; and
  • the female users aged 46+ constitute 2%.

Victoria_Milan chartAs you may observe it from the graph, the age and gender group prevailing is the age of 26–35. The most interesting index in this case is related to the age group of 41–45, wherein the proportion of men and women is significantly different!

The legal data we succeeded to find are not numerous, but still we have some facts to share with you:

  • The geo location of the site is DE (Germany), 05, Hessen, 09079 Frankfurt;
  • The Victoriamilan.com site was created in 2010, and it was last updated in 2019;
  • The expiry date is 2020;
  • The registrar company is Key-Systems GmbH.

Unfortunately, all other information is not available. So, we now have some doubts about the credibility of the site. However, we’re here to find the truth, and we’ll do it!

So, is Victoria Milan legit? Honestly, we have some doubts, since not all of information can be publically accessible, while it would have had to!

Carry on reading, and you’ll know everything!

Registration Process

To sign up with Victoria Milan dating site, you will need to accomplish the following actions:

  • Visit the main page and press See Your Matches button;
  • Choose your gender from the list and indicate who you are (divorced, married, attached or single);
  • Pick up who you would like to date (a man, a woman or both);
  • Indicate your date of birth, as well;
  • Type in your email and confirm the Terms of Use of the site.

These easy steps would take you just a couple of minutes, and yep, you’re there to hook up and date in secret from your spouse!


As a part of the registration process, you can optionally choose to indicate the following:

  • What turns you on (you don’t need to type it in but choose from the list what the site suggests);
  • Say a couple of words of your appearance (your height, your weight, color of your eyes, hair, and type of your looks);
  • Pick up your city where you’re currently residing;
  • Upload a photo of yours.

Now, you’re done! Congrats!

Thus, you’ll need to know how you’d interact with the other members of the Victoria Milan community and how you’d get the most successful results!


We’ll reveal the secret at once: if you’re not running a premium membership, you’ll not be possible to interact at all! Hence, we advise you to read on the Victoria Milan dating site review we’ve prepared for you, and make your own decision if you’d love to have a paid profile!

(The most interesting things are waiting for you later on in this text!)

Interaction is shaped in the following manner:

  • You enable the search engine (and you can have it both simple and extended version);
  • Insert your filters from the list and click on search;
  • You’ll see thousands of the hottest profiles in your area;
  • Also, you can have the global search activated to seek someone wherever you want to;
  • You drop a message to a user/users who you liked and carry on chatting.

VM_search_and_profileAll messages and notifications can be observed in the left-hand bar of your personal profile.

Well, you wonder what the price is for all these services, and HookupGeek is always here to shed light on everything related to the adult dating!


There are three paid membership packages to choose from, namely:

  • 3 months membership that would go for you just for $12.50 a week, that is in total for 3 months $149.97;
  • 6 months membership, whose weekly cost is $10 that in total makes $239.94; and
  • 12 months membership (or annual membership), wherein it’s just $7.50 per week, and totally it comprises $359.88;

VM_pricingHere, we’d love to draw your attention one more time that by purchasing the 6 months membership, you’ll save up 20% of your funds.

When buying the annual subscription to the services by victoriamilan.com, your benefit is 40%!

As for the payment methods, for now you can use only your credit/debit card. However, don’t even try to get scared: the site takes care of your security and your secrets, so each payment you release via your credit/debit card is discreetly billed, so no one could see the recipient of the funds.

Free Features

Unfortunately, you’d hardly ever be possible to use Victoria Milan website if you don’t have any premium membership. Also, your profile would be at the end of the other members’ search results. It means that your chances are almost equal to zero with no premium subscription.

(Anyway, don’t stop reading to find out the most secret data we have dug out about Victoria MIlan!)

If you decide on examining the paid membership, you can count for the following features to be at your disposal:

  • Unlimited chat;
  • See who liked you;
  • See who viewed you;
  • Ask for private photos;
  • Send gifts;
  • Unlimited likes; and
  • See the winks.

No doubts, you’d be able to have everything you planned to when signing up with Victoria Milan US!

In fact, we believe that the pricing approach by this dating website is quite reasonable and will never require to pay for extra features.

Pros And Cons

Yes, it’s kind of a climax of our review, and we have some impressions (hope, you do, too). Well, let’s consider the advantages and benefits of the dating offer here:

  • The number of users is already more than 6M, which is, of course, incredible;
  • There are great entertaining tools, including the partnered ones;
  • The diversity of the sexual preferences is fabulous;
  • The work of the support team is quite efficient and rapid;
  • Matters of pricing are affordable for each user.

Nevertheless, we’ve discovered some negative aspects that, to be honest, spoiled our impression, including:

  • There are absolutely no free features to test the site;
  • There is no free or trial period;
  • The legal data on where the site is registered is inaccessible;
  • The payment options diversity could have been more extended;
  • The tools being partnered require additional payment.

It seems that the number of the pros and cons are equal, and we’ve not had it for a long time…

What’s your opinion about this balance of the positive and negative features? We hope to see your responses and feedback in the comments right after the FAQ section of this current review.

Quality Of Profiles

Yes, the profiles are filled out in the perfect manner, since all possible and necessary aspects have been considered. In addition to this, in the course of our testing, we’ve not stumbled into any fakes. Well, it may seem nice, right?

Quality Of Tools

As mentioned, it’ll be much complicated for you to assess the tools if you don’t pay for the subscription, and that’s some weird. However, as we found it, the tools on Victoria Milan are quite nice. It means that you will encounter the most efficient search results and instant messaging. What else would be necessary for successful communication?


The main and the most prominent thing that we’d love to focus on is the fact that your bills with Victoria Milan are discreet. It assumes that there will be no Victoria Milan brand name on your bank statement. Thus, if you use the same bank account with your spouse, they’ll never find out that you use this service. Could anything be even better?

How To Delete Profile

The procedure of deleting your Victoria Milan profile would take you even lesser time than you signed up, since to deactivate your profile, you’ll need:

  • Log in your profile using the credentials you indicated while signing up;
  • On the left-hand bar, pick up Settings section;
  • Scroll down till the end of the page;
  • Press Deactivate Account button;
  • Indicate the reason(s) you’re leaving and confirm your action.

VM_deactivatingThat’s it: you’re over with cancelling your profile.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you had a premium membership, it’ll not be refunded. And all of your data and messages will be deleted forever.

Final Thoughts

Yeah, it’s time to make a bottom line with Victoria Milan dating offer. Honestly, we have been arguing for a while to make a verdict, since there is too much controversy about this dating platform.

Well, on the one hand, victoria milan usa based site is going to be global to resemble one of the dating sites like FuckBook. On the other hand, there are too many details being hidden. What’s more, the fact that it’d be impossible to test the site in the trial period makes us think that there can be some scam.

Nonetheless, we checked its paid membership version, and it turned out to be credible.

In this case, we’d omit making any decision. But we have to. We’ll recommend the site to you but under conditions that you get on well with the disadvantages we’ve mentioned.

As always, we’re interested in your opinion! Did you try this dating brand out? Would you like to have an experience with it? Leave your feedback so that our readers could have even more vision towards the site!

FAQ about Victoria Milan

In now way, unfortunately. You have to undergo the registration.

It’s planned to introduce bank wire transfer method within the nearest time.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible, so think twice before you deactivate your account.

Unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to have a refund under any conditions.

Uploading your photo is not a must but it significantly augments your chances to pick up someone.