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You want perfect and hot dates but have no idea how to do that? You want regular casual sex but not sure if you can find it on the other adult date sites—even the best of them? We have a perfect solution for you! And we’re ready to share it with you right away! Yep, so many our readers wanted us to review WhatsYourPrice, and we’re doing it. Why? Just because this is your best solution!

That’s not a secret indeed that literally each hook up dating website has some great features to assist the users in generating the most pleasant emotions. However, how effective they are? Let’s thoroughly touch upon WhatsYourPrice dating service and understand how effective it can be for you in gaining the most lustful dating experiences!

In this review, we also

  • disclose the ways how you can have the best hookups and have the source of income;
  • share that precious data on the most unique and valuable features of the site;
  • show you the way how to succeed both in love, in hookup, and in earning money out of hookup and dates!

Sounds magnificent, right? So, be sure to grab all the most necessary information in order to get armed with the best and the most alluring approach to earning money along with making a link to your private life!

Hot Disclaimer:

Get paid to go on dates! Read till the end how!



That’s not a secret indeed that literally each hook up dating website has some great features to assist the users in generating the most pleasant emotions. However, how effective they are? Let’s thoroughly touch upon WhatsYourPrice dating service and understand how effective it can be for you in gaining the most lustful dating experiences!

What Is WhatsYourPrice?

The dating service of WhatsYourPrice is really a genuine approach to arrange real dates with real people meeting all their real expectations! So, how is it designed on the site? In other words, what is WhatsYourPrice?

  • whats your price is a dating service in the form of auction;
  • one of the partners receives offers on whats your price, while another one provides the bids;
  • whats your price guarantees that you will have many new experiences no matter sexual preferences you have;
  • you will really have the dates and—as you understand—the hottest and most alluring pastimes with whats your price!

Now, let’s approach it even closer! In accordance with the site, “The purpose of this site is to give generous members access to attractive people they normally would not be able to meet. Generous members are paying for an opportunity to win over our attractive members, and are only paying for that first date. Therefore, we do not accept any profiles from escorts.”

Hence, you can see that the form of dates is so fresh, so that it’d be necessary to get it right!

  • yes, you decide on your price—but you don’t sell yourself;
  • you’re not an escort person, so you take part in the dating auction just as a star who is fought for to reach;
  • as soon as the bids are made, and they correlate with your price, you pick up the one, who you’d eat out;
  • it doesn’t mean it all to lead to sex; however, having some passion is always the best reward!

So, it may seem some weird but you should understand that in capitalistic world, it’s actually quite a normal thing to name your price of dating! Why not, then?

Let’s move to the site itself and let’s take a glance on what the profiles are like on the site! (Only so you’ll be able to ask yourself this sweet question, “What is your price”). Yep, this can be considered as a way to make money!

The profile information is quite versatile, so that it means that you’ll need to indicate the following to have success in your search,

  • enter your location;
  • the name to be displayed (or your nickname);
  • your body type
  • the height of yours;
  • your aims and expectations (Dating, Friendship, Long-term, Discreet affair, Casual, and Mentorship);
  • your education;
  • number of children if you have some;
  • your attitude to smoking and drinking;
  • your occupation; and
  • income rate.

You can also leave a short description of yourself to let the other users easier cope with you and decide if they like or if they even want to have some long term ties with you. Hence, don’t be shy! WhatsYourPrice is to set you free off any doubts, prejudices, and biases! There is freedom only!

After you filled out your profile, you can start in acting by using the what’s your price login field. Besides, do kindly bear in mind that if your profile is not filled out, it’ll be complicated to display your profile in other members’ search results.

As soon as you start utilizing the website, you’ll see the following tools to go at your disposal, namely,

  • search—to seek the new dates and offers;
  • favorites’ list—to incorporate the profiles of those you’ve really liked to keep on communication;
  • offers—the ‘invitations’ to the dates especially for you (as well as the cancelled offers); and
  • mail—to chat and drop messages to the other members of the site.

The search is designed in such a way that you can follow the recommended profiles by the site or use the filters, which include,

  • location—this feature is similar to any other dating site like, say, iHookup or Affair Alert;
  • distance—you can see the distance between your interlocutor and you as it is available on Badoo or Tinder;
  • age;
  • height;
  • bad habits (like smoking and alcohol consumption);
  • income, and so on.

whatsyourpriceLet’s shortly consider the matter of income. On the one hand, it may seem not that ethical enough to ask for this datum; however, we do live in the world governed by money. On the other hand, whenever you are seeking someone for something, you’d be interested to know how much a particular person earns. So, it is also fair, no?

What’s the solution? If you don’t feel like disclosing these data, you’re actually not supposed to. It’ll be your private information, that is your secret. If you have nothing touchy about this aspect, just allocate it. So, don’t be afraid of this field!

Gender Ratio And Member Structure

So, now you can see what you can expect from this innovative dating platform. This is why, we’d love to show you another important aspect of the whatsyourprice.com platform for auction bidding for the dates. You’ll know well who you can win the dates with! Just look,

  • the overall number of the users is about 1.55M;
  • the daily logins rate is approximately 700K;
  • the proportion of females on the site is 60%, while the men comprise only %40;
  • whenever you’re online, you can see at least 500K users being online as well;
  • the average age of the users is between 30 y.o. and 32 y.o.; however, it doesn’t mean that this age category presents the majority.

Now, let’s slightly consider the gender ratio and age categories proportions to understand what is the best approach to dating on WhatsYourPrice and who you’d be able to date on there. You’ll never have it from any other what’s your price reviews! It’s really important to know these data, since you have to understand if you are able to fulfil your expectations or not.

We’ve also agreed on some visuals in this section, since you’d better comprehend the data in the form of the graph, right? So, let’s what our findings are,

  • the number of male users aged 18–25 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 18–25 is 25%;
  • the number of male users aged 26–35 is 10%;
  • the number of female users aged 26–35 is 25%;
  • the number of male users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 36–40 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of female users aged 41–45 is 5%;
  • the number of male users aged 46+ is 5%; and
  • the number of female users aged 46+ is 5%.

name your price datingHence, it’s evident that you can have much variety with the cite, but,

  • you’ll be able to date the persons of the younger ages to pay for dates;
  • it’d be quite complicated to hook up the cougars, since it is not the cougar dating site;
  • since there are more females with name your price dating, men are easier to date someone;
  • there is almost 100% guarantee that you’ll win in the dating bidding because of the different gender ratio.

Sounds actually marvelous, right?

Before we narrate about the legal data such as site registration and functioning, we’d love to respond one of our reader’s question. It is why we investigate this and why it  matters. In fact, the legal data of the websites are secondary in the process of hookup, that is, it’s not the core. But it gets primary when you need the site to issue a refund of your money.

In case if the dating site doesn’t want to refund you, you can resolve the issue via the legislation and court institutions. When you come across them, you’ll know that it is significant to know if the site was legally registered or it functioned just like a scam. Finally, this section makes us understand if the site is real at all. Yep, there are some web locations, which have nothing about them. Don’t trust such sites!

If you want to truly know if you get paid to go on dates with WhatsYourPrice, you should be aware that the website functions absolutely legally, and there are no hidden scam, right? HookupGeek’s decided to reveal all these data necessary to know if everything’s been legal,

  • the site was registered by GKG.Net, Inc.;
  • the phone number of the registration company is 877-695-1790;
  • the fax of the company registered WhatsYourPrice is 281-617-5825;
  • the date of creation is 1999;
  • the expiry date of the platform is 2028;
  • to contact the administration of the company, you can mail them at GKG.NET Domain Proxy Service, PO BOX 1450, Bryan, TX, 77806, US;
  • the website is mostly visited from the following countries, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Honestly, for now, we’re sure that this is quite nice that we have found all data, and there are so many reasons to trust www whatsyourprice com! However, we have to carry on, since we have so much to narrate about!

Registration Process

In order to get signed up with the whats your price.com service, you’ll need to know the following information. Basically,

  • the registration process is absolutely free of price, so you’ll not spend a dollar to get in;
  • to sign up, you’ll need to use a valid email address;
  • the very process wouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

whatsyourpriceSo, now, let’s consider what kind of data you should indicate to successfully complete the registration process,

  • first off, type in your email (yes, take care it is valid);
  • secondly, you’ll need to make up a password (do keep in mind that you are not supposed to share it with anyone else in purpose of your security);
  • thirdly, you’ll have to indicate your gender (since it serves as a tool for the successful work of the search engine and matchmaking algorithm);
  • you’ll also need to indicate if you’d like to bid the dates or receive the bids;
  • furthermore, point out who you are interested in: men, women, both, which supposes that you can have the most diverse experiences of dating including heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, and swinger preferences;
  • next, insert your name to be displayed (it can be either a nick or your real name);
  • finally do indicate your location and date of birth (since the persons under their 18 y.o. are not allowed to participate, and the geolocation would assist the search in providing you with the most sensible distance-based matches); and, finally,
  • enter your email inbox and verify your email.

whatsyourpriceThat’s it. After these easy steps, you’ll be able to use the platform to the extent, which you believe is necessary for you! So, we have to move to the section to describe the interaction between the users for the mind-boggling success!


If you really want to have the overjoyed dating experiences with whats your price.com, you should know how the interaction is built! Right? The main details are,

  • you’d decide if you want to have offers or provide offers of dating;
  • as  soon as you are ready with your choice, you either post your offer or choose to receive it or not;
  • you can see the profiles and chat before the offer is accepted so that you know that you’d wish to go dating;
  • the first date only is to be paid for.

So, that’s quite easy: on the one hand, you chat with the users as if you’re on a regular dating site like WellHello. On the other hand, you can pretend being or feel like a famous adult movies star like, say, Kakeyxxx or SusyLynn! You’d admit that this is a gleeful adventure, right?

Bonus: How to get paid to go on dates with rich men?

As you might’ve already got it from the current what’s your price dating review, there are the members of the site to get paid for dating. Hence, the main question is how do you get paid on what’s your price? Yes, HookupGeek will let you the direct response. In fact, the scheme is easy,

  1. you sign up with the site and decide if you want to offer bids or you want to offer dates;
  2. by offering the dates, you are on the right way to start earning;
  3. you’re get paid for each first date you arranged and completed via what’s your price dating;
  4. only you can decide on the price for which you’d be agree to date or to go for a date;
  5. you provide your credit card credentials, and get paid each time when you’ve successfully visited the date.

So, if your purpose is to be a generous man, you’ll be able to pay for dates with the persons, who you’d love dating. If you, oppositely, want to provide dates and get paid for it, you’ll do it with whats your price.com!


The next stuff to be covered is pricing, as it is more than important, right? The numerous whatsyourprice reviews tend not to provide this information, but we’ll do! All secrets are to be revealed! Yes, that’s no wonder that a dating site is to be paid off for to be used, yep?

So, what you should know about pricing on the platform?

  • the service works on the principle of tokens/credits usage;
  • there are three bundles of tokens/credits to purchase;
  • all the payment operations are processed via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and/or Discover payment methods.

whatsyourpricSo, we’d not be able to consider WhatsYourPrice as one of the sites that don’t require a credit card.

Let’s shortly touch upon the cost of the credit bundles!

  • 100 credits bundle would cost you $50, wherein 2 credits go per $1;
  • 450 credits bundle are priced at $150, and 3 credits go per $1; and
  • 1000 credits bundle is $250, wherein 4 credits are proposed per $1.

Actually, the price is not that low. What do you think? Of course, one could’ve used something like FreeLocalDates or Free Hookup Search to have the services cheaper. However, none of the sites would be able to be that genuine and interesting.

Now, when you know the pricing on WhatsYourPrice (yep, some tautology in here), you’d have to find out what kind of features you are given. Let’s start from the stuff you get for free!

Free Features

With every paid or webcam sex live site, you are known to obtain both free and premium features. So, how does what’s your price work in this case? As soon as you want to register with the service, you’ll have the following free features and tools,

  • sign-up process;
  • constant emails with the useful tips on how to use the site and how to date;
  • basic features of the search;
  • randomly generated profiles of those who are in the closest distance from you;
  • search tool based on the filters to set up;
  • access to all offers you could make or you could receive;
  • messaging system (with no limits at all);
  • free access to the safety dating tips.

Hence, it’s evident that this dating service would spice you up with the brand-new spunky sensations!

However, what about the paid features?

In fact, the paid features are not that much, and this is paradoxically great with WhatsYourPrice! Why? Just have a look at what you gain when you spend your credits,

  • getting the dates arranged via the auction;
  • have the dates paid for.

That’s it. You spend your credits to organize the dates. In other words, you bid on the auction to win the date. Thus, one can believe that the service is really free of cost as for the other functions, which are paid with the numerous dating opportunities on the web. So, those hot and bountiful dates are granted!

After having found out the pricing and the feature, we can in fact start in analyzing the pros and cons of WhatsYourPrice! Let’s see what we have!

Pros And Cons

After some thorough examination of the site, we’re ready to lavishly share our impressions and compare the existing pros and cons! As usually, we’d start with the advantages and benefits of the service, namely,

  • the tools to arrange and manage the dates are awesome;
  • you can have the jovial dates, as you decide who you date with;
  • you can… earn money (!!!) when/for dating (with no escort meant!);
  • you’d have the euphoric feelings since you’re the only person to govern it all;
  • there are very suitable methods of payment and payouts;
  • the number of free tools is stunning;
  • the effectivity of the site doesn’t cause any doubts; and
  • you’ll surely feel some pleasant tickled impressions.

Oh, we like this list of pros, and what about you? Isn’t it steep? Don’t hesitate to share your impressions!

Now, the cons go. Are there any? Unfortunately, we’ve been able to single out some,

  • you can get paid only for the first date with a particular user, which means that no other dates with the same user are for money;
  • the cost of the service may seem to be expensive in case if you frequently take place in dating auctions;
  • there is no app to use, as in compliance with US Patent Pending Online Dating System – Application No. 61407831, the app hasn’t been functioning since 2014.

So, as for us, we don’t think that the cons are much sadistic; nevertheless, you know that you’re the king of your dating, and it’s totally up to you if you prefer the service or not. In any case, we have so many hookup and fuck sites reviewed, so you’d definitely be vigorous!

Quality Of Profiles

The quality of profiles is another option to consider to clearly understand if this website is good or bad. What do you expect to read from our analysis, bro? We’re sure you want it to be positive! So, the key points we’d love to elicit are as follows,

  • there are no scam profiles or the ones to be referred to fantasy cuties;
  • because many profile owners are young, you’ll have who to choose from;
  • all profiles are real and their majority is active;
  • the generous men are more numerous than the men offering dating;
  • there are many model-like females registered.

In fact, there is nothing to add up, since the profiles quality is one of the biggest advantages of the site. What’s more, when you first see the users’ profiles, you’ll notice that you’d constantly date with them all at once, as they’re cute as hell!

Quality Of Tools

You may ask why we always pay attention to such thing as the quality of profiles. Yep, you’re right, it may seem a bit dull to do so. Nonetheless, we do it just to minimize any risks you can have when trying a particular dating platform out. Regardless of the benefits we’ve enumerated, we still have to be sure that the quality of profiles is fine.

As a matter of fact, the most important thing we pay attention in this situation is whether the users’ profiles are real or no. In this case, it wasn’t that complicated, and you’ll know it, as well. Also, we try to figure out if the photos of the users are same with the reality during the date. Why? Just because you have to be sure that you are going to have a date with a person who you really liked but not with another one, who was shy to share their real photos.

Will the quality of tools be the same great as the quality of profiles? Let’s see!

  • being not that numerous, the tools are perfectly built in the site;
  • they’re never confusing and are easy to use;
  • the messaging system is great and works in the instant manner;
  • the search engine functions comfortably, so you’ll have some options to choose;
  • the dates arranged and completed are also registered with the site, so you can constantly keep records.

In general, that’s easy to guess that your pastimes would be more and more interesting, as you’d be able not only to have dates on the regular basis but also feel manly because of the competition on auction! Sounds privileged, no?

In addition, let’s shortly have a look at the way the profiles are organized with WhatsYourPrice,

  • you’ll see just some basic data including the age, the location, and some physical parameters;
  • the average income can be displayed as well, but it’s up to the users;
  • you’ll have access to at least one photo of the profile owner after it’s been verified;
  • in the course of chats, you can ask for any information you’re interested in;
  • you can also ask for seeing the private photos of the users or ask to mail you ones;
  • some brief description is ensured, as well.

That’s why, we cannot see anything negative as for the quality of profiles. And also, we hope that the number of user will be growing on the most constant basis! What’s your opinion? Drop a couple of words in the comments right after the review!


Well, in this current review we have to touch upon the matters of security, as it is two times as important as with no other similar website. Why?

  • when you arrange dating, you should be sure that it will happen as you pay for it;
  • when agreeing on an offer, one has to be sure to get paid;
  • when processing payments for the credits bundles, you’d be aware that no scam is present;
  • you have to be sure that no money-related operations can somehow be harmful for you.

That’s why HookupGeek has come across the Terms of Use and Privacy policies located on WhatsYourPrice dating site, and this is what we’ve received after investigation of ours,

  • by signing up, “you acknowledge and agree that Reflex Media may disclose in whole or in part Your User Information and Content if required to do so by law, ” which means that they can provide your data to the law enforcement bodies only;
  • there are some other situations to disclose your personal information: “at the request of a third party or… in site’s sole discretion, believe that disclosure is reasonable to comply with the law, requests or orders from law enforcement, or any compulsory legal process”;
  • when disclosure is reasonable with the purpose “to protect or defend Website, or a third party’s, rights or property; or to protect someone’s health or safety, such as when harm or violence against any user is threatened.

To out it plainly, the site “notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement or the Privacy Policy, reserves the right, but has no obligation, to disclose any User Information and Content that You submit to the Service, if there are some reasons to suspect or have reason to suspect that the information involves a party who may seek to commit a crime, be committing a crime, or be the victim of abuse in any form or a crime.”

What is more, the site doesn’t tolerate any form of abuse, which may include, without limitation,

  • elder abuse;
  • child abuse;
  • spousal abuse;
  • neglect;
  • domestic violence;
  • human trafficking.

Hence, all data may be disclosed to authorities. Appropriate authorities may include, without limitation, law enforcement agencies, child protection agencies, or court officials. Thus, each of the users hereby acknowledges and, of course, agrees that this website is allowed to make such disclosure.

Some additional security measures are to be given as for the matter of escort, namely,

  • WhatsYourPrice doesn’t tolerate any manifestation of escort on the site;
  • in case of being reporting, the user gets blocked forever;
  • “WhatsYourPrice.com is strictly an online dating service for people who are looking for a dates. This is not an escort site, nor will they permit any type of escorting on this site;”
  • also, the site claims that “if you are an escort, who has advertised your services on any escort website, you are not allowed to use the website. In its turn, WhatsYourPrice online dating platform encourages all of their members to report any suspicious activity or requests of this nature, and will act upon any complaints.”

Hence, to be honest, this is literally one of a couple of sites we encounter, whereon the security measures would be so strict and protectful for the users. We’re happy to know that and we’re glad to share this information with you!

In any case, if you need to stop using the site or if you feel like finding some new alternatives, you can easily quit it. We’ll tell you how right in the next section, so gradually scroll down not to lose any detail!

WhatsYourPrice reviews

How To Delete Profile

Yep, in fact, there are so many reasons why one could delete the profile. For instance, because you want to have the better impressions or because you’ve found what you have been looking for. Anyway, with WhatsYourPrice, you can also deactivate your profile.

Because of the insights of the users’ privacy and security reasons, the site cannot have your profile deactivated (with the exceptions we listed in the Security section of this review) for you. So, this is only who you can and who has all rights to deactivate your account. Just a couple of steps. Please follow these simple steps to do so, namely,

  • first off, just log in to your account;
  • secondly click on “Settings” tab, located in the upper right hand corner of your profile dashboard;
  • thirdly, you’ll find the “Deactivate Your Account” button at the bottom of the Settings page;
  • as soon as you press it, you’ll have your account deleted forever.

Nevertheless, do kindly note that once you have decided to get your account deactivated, your profile will be removed from the site’s search and will no longer be viewable by other members. By the way, there is no opportunity to have it restored. No way!

By the way, only with WhatsYourPrice, there is a cool trick or lifehack to do, and you’ll not need either to delete your profile or invest more money in it. Which? Intrigued? Oh, we know you are! Thus, keep in mind the following stuff,

  • the credits you purchase are absolutely deprived of any expiry date;
  • you can use the same bundle of credits during the unlimited period;
  • if you are tired of dating, you can just avoid visiting the site for a particular time period;
  • in case if you have some credits but want to deactivate your page, no refund is possible.

Thus, we’d advise you not to delete the profile but just to wait a bit to have a new desire to date and hook up, as there is no reason not to like this affair, right?

What is more, you can always change your profile and, thus, change your role on the site, that is,

  • you can become a person who offers if you received offers before;
  • you can start receiving offers, if you provided dates only;
  • you can change it as many times as needed depending on your expectations and financial state;
  • you can just keep away from the site for a day or a week to start missing it.

Hence, there many things to know about the site as well as there are some nice life hacks to apply to have the best and the most vigorous and frisky outcomes. Who wouldn’t have wanted it? Yep, no one!

Final Thoughts

Yep, we’re writing these last lines of the review to have everything narrated just summed up. First of all, we’d love to ask you, our reader, if you found this review interesting and/or helpful. To react, just leave your feedback right after the FAQ section of the text. We’re glad to read any sort of feedback, as whatever it is, we consider it to be our way to perfection!

Having reviewed the site, we’re currently aware of the main points we referred to as positive and intricate, namely,

  • the format of online dating suggested by WhatsYourPrice is indeed gorgeous and unique;
  • the site bestows you steep and numerous features to go for free, absolutely;
  • if you want to date someone horny and handsome like Victoria Banxxx or Sara Jay—yep, those hot and frisky webcam models—you’ll have it with WhatsYopurPrice;
  • the ability to earn money is another adorable feature to choose and love the platform for;
  • you can easily quit your membership as soon as you wish for;
  • the purchased credits have no expiry date, so you can use them as long as you want it to.

To be honest, we’re really enchanted by the site, with no exaggeration at all! All these great traits mean the only thing: the dating industry is evolving, and you can really have the best impressions when dating someone. What’s even better is that you can try the most innovative tools to date, just in case if you’re tired of the regular ones. Anyway, do have your price!

FAQ about WhatsYourPrice

Well, there are not that many approach to resolve this issue. In fact, you have only option, which is

  • First off, you’re expected to deactivate your current account and make up a new one;
  • Secondly and importantly, unfortunately, you won’t be able to reuse the same email address you have already used for your current account (this is mainly because the system does not allow multiple accounts to be registered via using the same email address).
Thus, there is nothing difficult. As for the refunds in this case, you’d better contact the support team by creating the special ticket in their FAQ section.

It is easy, and the site encourages it. Thus, in order to report a member, you’ll need to,

  • click on the profile of the user you wish to report;
  • click those three dots (•••) next to their profile towards the top;
  • after that, select the Report button; and, finally,
  • fill in the form with a description of the reason you are blocking them.

No, the Generous Member, or the person who makes bids, is not required to pay for any dates past the first one they could have with the same member. Generally, the first date is the only date that should be paid off for by the bidders.

The company can issue a credit refund in the following cases,

  • a user gets their profile removed from the site by an Administrator; of if
  • a user you have contacted is subject to an action of the automated security system.
If any of the above applies to you or your case, please contact support to request a refund, and provide the user name of the specific Attractive member to which your request relates. You can also check your credit history for automated refunds The company will not ever refund credits you bought if,
  • you have already exchanged messages with the user;
  • you provide to or receive from the user any personal contact information (including but not limited to phone numbers, email addresses, chat screen names, social networking pages, personal websites, home/business addresses, etc.);
  • the user you contacted has an active profile and simply chooses not to respond to your message;
  • the credits open up the possibility of communication, but are not a guarantee that a user will respond or go on a date with you;
  • you have gone on a date with the user.

The administration of the site reviews manually each profile and photo submission individually before making them available for public access. This review process is somewhat time consuming, but allows to preserve the community standards.