What is Xpress Dating

The dating provider under review is xpress.com dating site – site for those who want to hook up as soon as possible and are ready to take concrete actions to achieve this. How does it all work? Xpress.com provides you with all the tools and tips for finding casual sex in no time. Just type in your email, username, and click the ‘register’ button – and Xpress.com will do the rest!

Once you open their website, you will have to explicitly state who or what kind of relationships you are looking for. Your target may be a single straight man/woman, a gay, a lesbian, or even a couple. No matter how weird and puzzling your desires might seem to you, you’ll find lots of like-minded people on xpress.com that also want the same things!

If you feel ready to test dating xpress, buckle up and keep reading to find out even more about it.

Is xpress.com legit and safe?


Xpress.com is one of those websites that don’t need to prove their reliability – their reputation speaks for them. Still, forewarned is forearmed. That is why we, at HookupGeek, have done the independent testing to let you know why exactly you should trust this dating service. Here’s what we found:

  1. Xpress.com fake profile detection mechanism
  2. Xpress dating scam protection
  3. Xpress com dating site support

Overall, xpress.com cares most about two things: your pleasure and your security. Website moderators and bots continually monitor user profiles to detect suspicious accounts and freeze their activity immediately. Even though you are still not 100% protected from bumping into some strange users, you can always report them or contact support for help.

Pros and Cons of Xpress Dating Website


Dating scenario is all the same – singing up → browsing profiles → hooking up. You already know that xpress dating arrangements work a little bit differently than those of other similar dating websites. The main difference lies in the speed with which you move from one step to the next and the result you get. And these are some significant advantages of xpress com!

Special Discounts
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  • Two-step registration process
  • Immediate local match scan
  • 85% hookup rate
  • Basic subscription account – Free
  • Silver and Gold subscription packages
  • Customized search
  • Xpress cougar dating club
  • Xpress dating cost

Besides, American xpress.com is catered to give away search results depending on the desired proximity of matches. You may want to see profiles of all girls from Arizona State or you may choose to see only users from your town. No matter how small it is, US xpress.com will find a decent number of matches for you to choose from.

Is Xpress Dating Site Good?

All modern adult dating websites are extremely fancy-looking and full of sexy girls pictures and profiles. How, then, can you know which one is a scam and which one really works?

Hookup Rate. This rate is a number that gives answers to many questions of yours. For example, 85% hookup rate of Xpress dating site means that 85 guys out of 100 get sex. Agree or not, but this rate sounds both reasonable and realistic. Of course, you’d instead go with a dating site that guarantees 1000% hookup to each and every user that buys a subscription. But, does it sound plausible to you?

As an independent online dating expert site, we can assure you that there is not a single website on the Internet with 100% hookup rate. If you see this number advertised, don’t let it mislead you – this is merely a marketing technique to make you pay (often for nothing).

Xpress dating service is highly reputable, which means it does not aim to mislead you in your expectations or to rip you off. It does not need to lie about its results – numerous positive Xpress dating site reviews is the best proof of its effectiveness.

Sites Like Xpress.com


We can’t finish reviewing Xpress casual sex dating without equipping you with several more reliable and safe dating sites. These are the websites, carefully tested and highly rated by HookupGeek and other review sites as well.

Now that you have plenty of options to choose from, let’s come back to xpress com and check several feedbacks of the site’s real users.