Being among the most famous one night dating sites, Zoosk adult dating service is designed to search for the best match for you, as well as friends and pleasant communication, both in letters and in chat rooms. What does Hookupgeek know about this famous and well-promoted web platform?

  • This service has been operating since 2007;
  • Zoosk is visited daily by about 35 million people;
  • Here you will find participants from many different countries of the world (about 80): USA, Canada, Australia, many European countries;
  • The Zoosk site itself is translated into 25 languages, so absolutely no one will have any problems during the use of the resource;
  • In addition, the site has a convenient mobile application for iOs and Android, which you can download on the Internet.

Why is Zoosk,com liked by a multi-million dollar audience and has so many positive Zoosk reviews? In fact, there are numerous reasons for this fact, namely,

  • The inexhaustible number of chats to communicate on the site. Fast and attentive customer service;
  • Photos of the profile’s owner must be checked for authenticity;
  • There is a possibility of an extended search for profiles (except for age and gender, you can choose physique, religion, etc.);
  • There is a special way to select a partner using special CyberCupid algorithms;
  • Another feature of the site is the method of registration. No, nothing complicated about it;
  • Just besides standard data like phone number and e-mail, you will also be interested in your education and even your attitude to smoking.

In order to familiarize yourself with the site, go through the provided learning steps. For example, the CyberCupid function analyzes your data, interests and preferences in a partner. And based on them, the site automatically selects the appropriate candidate. These listings are updated regularly. There are also a wide variety of chat rooms. For example, local, group, regional, and video chats. There are some different emoticons and stickers available.

Now let’s consider the data related directly to the site,

  • The official geolocation of the site is US (United States), WA, Washington, 98108 Seattle;
  • The site was created in 2007;
  • Zoosk’s expiration date is 2019;
  • Zoosk was run in California, US;
  • The Zoosk customer service phone number is +1-800-74-59-229 (also, if this phone is off the hook, you can use another Zoosk customer service number which is 888-939-6675).

Also, let’s take a glance at some of the stats connected to this dating service,

  • The overall number of users has exceeded the rate of 40 million members worldwide in June 2019;
  • There are more than 20,000,000 users originating from the USA;
  • The overall number of daily logins to the dating website is 1,750,000 daily logins;
  • The average age of the users of the Zoosk dating service is 25–40 years old;
  • The number of females registered with Zoosk is 45%;
  • The proportion of males signed up with the Zoosk dating service is 55%;
  • The process of registration will take you up to 3 minutes;
  • In order to fill out your profile, you’ll need to spend some 10 minutes more. is one of the largest international Internet projects focused on people who want to find a soul mate! At the moment there are already registered more than 40 million users worldwide, of which several million are constantly online. So, the chances of successfully meeting are very high!

Now, let’s take a glance at the profile settings and the opportunities which you would have after having signed up and using the Zoosk log in! So, the first is the registration process. So, what is it like and how does Zoosk work?

  • To be a member of Zoosk, it is absolutely free, you can connect your Zoosk account to google and facebook;
  • The registration process is very simple, and it takes you a few minutes to get the best partner who will be with you;
  • The users will not be asked to answer the endless questions about the qualities and other personal things that they are looking for in another partner;
  • You must provide your contact address, photo and other information. He can view the profile of other users;
  • If you want to have additional features in the Zoosk, you have to pay a small amount;
  • Zoosk dating site allows you to register in just a couple of minutes;
  • To go through a simple registration procedure, you must visit the main page.

In Zoosk, as in Badoo, the user is prompted to log in through his Facebook profile, specify his location and start browsing profiles. Thus, to get signed up you,

  • will need to indicate your gender and the desired gender of the partner;
  • will have to point out your date of birth to prove you’re more than just 18;
  • will have to show your email address to have it then confirmed; and, finally,
  • you will need to make up a password.

That’s all! In addition, registration is optional. You can enter the site using your account on such sites like Facebook or Google+. Thus, it can be even easier than you have thought of!

The next step HookupGeek is going to take is the review of the features. The first impression is that the website resembles a nicely built social network. As for us, Zoosk somehow resembles such sites like Badoo and Jaumo, but it is quite different from Ashley Madison, say.

Zoosk has not established any strict measures and policies, as they want to help users achieve a perfect match. The user can help get the date with another user. The more you can practice with the Zoo, the more you are likely to get a date. Predictive choices can give you advice on how to find a user that matches you.

The next step is to consider the profile and its settings. With Zoosk,

  • there is a special profile manager and hunter;
  • it uses the behavior matching function when searching for profiles of other users who have the same skills and hobbies;
  • the more you use carouse, the more you will have the opportunity to find a partner.

What about the other tools presented on the website? For instance, let’s see at the search tool and its functions and fruitfulness. The search with Zoosk allows members to search as they like. As one of the good features of the Zoosk site, they allow each member to look at the profiles of other members for themselves, which they think are useful. The more you can do this site, the more the site will know how they can offer you the best match. You can get ZSMS, which is one of the unique Zoosk reviews that help the user answer questions that he / she can find the best partner.

As for the search, there is a similar function of the Zoosk smart pick matchmaking. What is it and how it functions?

  • This feature allows you to share user profiles with other users every hour, viewing their hobbies, message, profile and other information;
  • If a match can see that it has an interest in this user, it will indicate the same;
  • This will start the mapping process, and Zoosk will start typing both of you.

Great, isn’t it? But HookupGeek would love to see the other features available for the users of Zoosk.

So, what are the add-ons and what the other functions could you use with Zoosk?

  • All free members have the opportunity to send a virtual gift to other users in order to attract more dates in the future;
  • However, you must add a wait word so that another user can try to connect to you whenever the time is right.

In fact, we can state that these features are close to OurTime dating. In any case, the functionality of the Zoosk platform is great, and will surely bring you to the most desired result!

Prices Of Zoosk Dating Site Service

Now, let’s see what the pricing approach is like in order to have the fullest canvas of the dating site. Is Zoosk free? First of all it would make sense to have analyzed the free site features, which you get with Zoosk cost,

  • there is free online registration;
  • there are free Zoosk apps for Android and iPhone, but they are slightly inferior to the full version of the site;
  • there is the ability to respond to received messages (even without a paid subscription).

What about the paid site functions? In other words, what do you receive if you pay for the service?

  • you will have the full use of the Zoosk service, since it is guaranteed by a paid subscription, which can be issued for different periods (and HookupGeek will tell you everything about it shortly);
  • tt expands the user’s capabilities: you can use the CyberCupidon function, view the pages of users who watched your profile, and buy gifts to your favorite people;
  • the paid subscriptions can be issued for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.

So, what are the costs for the services?

  • The 1-month Zoosk premium subscription costs $ 29.99;
  • The 3-month Zoosk premium membership will cost is $ 59.99;
  • The 6-month Zoosk premium subscription costs $ 74.99; and, finally,
  • The 12-month Zoosk premium subscription costs only $ 99.99 and it is the most profitable of all.

Hence, it is evident that the prices are quite affordable, and they actually determine the reason why the service is so widespread!

There is another aspect of pricing, which is the tokens. You can use them for different purposes like giving the gifts or for boosting your profile. Hence, you can pick up the following packages of tokens (or coins),

  • the 50 Coins of the Zoosk package would go for 0.10 USD a Coin, and in total it will be 4.99 USD;
  • the 250 Coins of the Zoosk pack would cost you 0.08 USD a Coin, totally making it for 19.99 USD;
  • the 750 Coins bundle will go for 0.07 USD a Coin, which is in total just 49.99 USD.

So, by purchasing the coins (tokens) you will have much more capacities!

Pros and Cons

The site is incredibly popular, and it is worth noting that not in vain. So, there are the following site benefits,

  • Free online registration and the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the site before purchasing a paid subscription;
  • Proof of compliance with your profile photo. So you will be sure that none of the participants attached a beautiful photo from the Internet. Here everything is for real;
  • A large number of users, so that you have the opportunity to choose a partner that is close to you in character and liking;
  • The opportunity to use the CyberCupid service, which guarantees the selection of the ideal interlocutor;
  • There are no restrictions on the orientation of the person;
  • Millions of active users, so you can always find an interlocutor;
  • Zoosk is currently translated into 25 languages;
  • There is a function to confirm the identity of the photo;
  • SmartPick, based on your likes, will simplify your search;
  • extremely broad search capabilities—you can specify a lot of data about the desired partner;
  • there is a flawless customer service;
  • you will be able to import your images from Facebook;
  • Zoosk has a behavioral search function partner;
  • Within the paid profile, Zoosk shows who visited your profile;
  • Zoosk has the option of push notifications;
  • Zoosk has a yes / no selection function;
  • Zoosk shows someone typing;
  • Zoosk is also available on PC

However, there are some disadvantages of the site. What are they like?

  • The main purpose of the site is to communicate with friends, chat, search for like-minded people, so it will be extremely difficult to find a soul mate and build strong relationships here;
  • It does not use scientific approaches to find compatible partners such as, for example, on Badoo;
  • Also, there are insufficiently developed search parameters of the interlocutor;
  • you will need time to know how to cancel Zoosk subscription.

Well, in any case, it is quite obvious that the advantages are more prevailing, and you will enjoy them with no doubts!


One of the vital things in Zoosk is the safety and security that it offers to users. Whenever a new user tries to interact with this platform, Zoosk should run a background view to check the profile of these users. He can use verification videos, phones, and media to ensure that he is a legitimate user who is trying to access the platform. As long as you are using Zoosk apps, you will receive a confirmation video that will help you know what you can do to verify your identity. The system then scans your photo to check your photo.

With Zoosk, you’ll be sure that you’re protected every time you watch, so that no one can search for what you’re doing online. Users are sure to protect 100%, as they are given some security measures that they must take.

Zoosk is a very popular site, and there are so many couples who met on the Zook, and they ended a happy life together. This is not surprising, since this site has more than 35 million members that are distributed throughout the world in more than 70 countries.

When you look at the Zoosk, you will see a section for reviews written by couples who met in Zoosk, and they found true love. Actually, Zoosk’s mission is to help singles get and keep the love they have found.

Zoosk also documents each pair that they help to get the best partner that fits them. Browsing through Zoosk you will find out how useful it is and how it can make you happy.

Quality of Tools

Actually, we have previously considered all the tools and their quality. The only thing which we would love to pay attention to us the work of the support. So, what HookupGeek has found out? Zoosk has the best customer support. They have an excellent FAQ section, and if your question about a problem is not given in this section, you can contact them via Facebook, email and phone. The support services that will be provided to you are very effective in answering all the questions that may arise regarding this platform. The time has come for you to send your message and you will receive an immediate answer to your questions.

About Zoosk App For Dating

The Zoosk project receives excellent reviews also for the reason that extremely convenient mobile applications have been created for its users. You can download them for such operating systems:

  • iOS;
  • Android

At the moment, Zoosk dating is one of the most popular in the world! Mobile applications downloaded by users in more than eighty countries around 30 million times. It should be noted that mobile applications, like the site itself, are free and have a wide functionality. There is a large selection of paid services that further enhance the capabilities of users and enhance their convenience.

Thus, is one of the best sites for those who want to make interesting acquaintances. Here everyone will find exactly what he is looking for, be it a non-binding conversation, an easy flirt, friendship or true love.

The original application for people who want to meet. Zoosk allows you to find like-minded, interesting people and your other half. Provides the ability to select candidates by viewing their profiles and vote for them. The main feature of this application is the ability of the system to adapt to regularly changing user requirements.

How To Delete Zoosk Account

Well, how to delete Zoosk? Zoosk is a popular dating site, but what if you don’t need it anymore? Deleting a Zoosk account is not an easy task, on the site itself you can only deactivate it. After deactivation, that is when you want to delete Zoosk account, you must deny access to your Facebook profile and contact the Zoosk administration for final deletion. There are several steps to take, namely,

  • Log in to your Zoosk account. To deactivate you need to log in with your name. You cannot permanently delete a profile on the Zoosk website. First you need to disable the account, and then contact the support service;
  • Delete or change all information in your profile. Since you can only disable your account, it is recommended to change all the information about yourself so that it does not point to you. This will help protect personal data. Remove name, place of residence, photo and other personal information;
  • Go to settings. In the drop-down menu on the right at the top of the page there is an icon with a gear—it opens the settings page;
  • In the personal settings, click Account. Select Edit to the right of account status. Click Disable. A page will appear on which you will be asked to stay. Confirm shutdown;
  • Select a reason. Zoosk will ask about the reason for disabling the account. Select any in the drop-down list. You are not required to explain the reason in detail.

You will also need to disable the access of Zoosk to your Facebook profile, and it is easy to do by following the next steps,

  • Log in to Facebook. If you linked your Zoosk profile to Facebook, you need to revoke Zoosk permission to access your profile in order not to clutter the tape. Log in to your Facebook profile;
  • Go to settings. In the upper right corner of the page there is a drop-down menu, go through it in the settings;
  • Open the Applications tab in the left menu. A list of all web applications that have access to your Facebook profile will appear;
  • Remove Zoosk. Find Zoosk in the list and click the “X” to the right of this entry. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. If you want to delete all the information about Zoosk activities in your profile, check the corresponding box and click Delete.

The final removal steps are as follows,

  • Open the Zoosk support page. You can email them your removal request. There is no guarantee that Zoosk will delete the account; try to persevere, it does not hurt;
  • The link to the support page is at the bottom of the main page;
  • Click “Email Zoosk Customer Support”. A form of communication opens in which you can leave a message for the support service. Politely ask to permanently delete your account, note that you are not going to restore it later. Do not forget to write that the profile you have already disabled;
  • Select technical Support or Billing or Zoosk customer service as the subject of the message;
  • Call Zoosk. If you have not received a reply within a few days, find the phone on the support page (via the link contact Zoosk on the right). When you call, ask to connect you with someone who will help you permanently delete your account. Keep calm and be polite;
  • Repeat until someone confirms that your profile is permanently deleted.

So, it can take much time, but still it will serve as another proof to the fact that neither of your data is stored by Zoosk.

Quality of Profiles

The quality of profiles is really genuine, since the paid nature of the resource will prevent any fakes. In addition to this, the site is so popular that there is no need to establish any bot-based profiles. Thus, when you choose Zoosk as a dating service, you can really count for the best quality of the profiles!

Final Thoughts is one of the best sites that helps many people who are single. has become one of the best dating sites on the Internet that will help you find the right partner. The success stories revealed by the people who used it demonstrate how they connect singles in getting a partner with whom they have to live a happy life. It’s time to find out how wonderful and the process of getting your future spouse. So, you will never be eager to cancel Zoosk!

Is Zoosk worth it? Zoosk is one of the most popular applications for communication and dating. The eponymous dating site gained its popularity as a Facebook application, giving the opportunity to communicate with registered users of several social networks. The application promises that thanks to the technology of “smart selection” you do not have to fill out endless questionnaires to find your perfect match. All you need to do is to start communicating with people who are interested in you, and Zoosk will select for you new candidates from your city with whom you will most likely have mutual sympathy. So, the current Zoosk review by HookupGeek cannot but recommends this platform for dating! Hooray! By the way, if you want some visual adult experiences, go read our reviews of best live sex sites!

FAQ about Zoosk

Similarly to any similar website acting in the dating industry, you will not be able to restore the profile of yours after you have cancelled your membership and deleted the profile of yours. Therefore, be sure to double check if you do really want to quit the service, as no data will be possible to restore.

Yes, you have this right. However, do remember that when you cancel your paid membership, you will not have any refund, since this is your desire to stop using the service with no reasons, which would be able to impact the refund policies. Therefore, when you quit the membership being guided by your own thoughts, you cannot expect to have any refund.

Yes, you can connect you Zoosk profile with Instagram and Facebook, for instance. What is more, you can sign up using your Google or Facebook profiles installed to your mobile device.

Of course, Zoosk does its best to ensure the credibility of the profiles. It means that the service imposes some kinds of verification of the email addresses, phone numbers, and photos to get ensured that the user is real. However, no one can ensure that the data provided by the users are credible. Therefore, be sure to check it when communicating with the users of Zoosk.

Zoosk does not provide any guarantees on this account, but you can have additional feature to accomplish this purpose: you are not limited in the number of chats to have at the same time to be able to date and hook up as many persons as you need to find the best one.